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Tomb of Primeval Kings
Tournament Builds

This was quite challenging fights some time ago. 8vs8 encounter or even with six teams. But there were changes...Right now there are always two teams. And because of many "mass builds" this kind of PvP started to be only to tests some ideas for GvG or to farm fame. Why is that? Because there are some builds that are very popular because of their efficiency and easy play. First so powerful builds were based on Balthazar Aura, Zealot's Fire and Elementalists that were spamming with monk skills with fast recharge. That was causing lots of damage - in 10 second could be even greater then 500! And those skills have area of effect. But in one update ArenaNet decided to nerf this build. Tombs were again fun for everyone. However there come into existence another builds. They are known as mass spike builds because 4-5 characters in team are same.
I will try to show here those popular builds and some builds to oppose.
If you have any suggestions, own ideas for builds, mail me.

1. IWAY by CWz:
  - (6x Warrior/Ranger, Necromancer/Elementalist, Necromancer/Ranger)

2. Barbs Spike:
  - (2x Necromancer/Mesmer, Mesmer/Necromancer, 2x Mesmer/Monk, Elementalist/Ranger, 2x Monk/Mesmer)

3. Anti-IWAY:
  - (Under construction)


Guild Wars