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Information about "Builds" section

If you always wonder what is trendy in PvP then see this sections. :) Between updates there are always some ways to make better build then others. Some time ago was era of Smite (Balthazarís Aura + often Zealotís Fire). Those builds were annoying but efficient. Many players and guilds played this way to gain more fame and rank in GvG. Aura's builds was quite hard to oppose because if you do this then you can be vulnerable for other builds. So ArenaNet made big update where they nerf Aura's builds. But players found very fast another "super-builds". I'm sure that ArenaNet will nerf them too, but for now I want to show them, so everyone could know them.
I will also try to post couple of builds for every class. And I'll change every build if it is no longer popular.
So...begin to read. :)


Guild Wars