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Guild Wars Factions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the title of the next Guild Wars campaign?

The next campaign in the Guild Wars saga is called Guild Wars Factions.

What is the release date for Guild Wars Factions?

This new campaign will be released in the spring of 2006. As the release date gets closer, a specific date will be announced. Please keep in mind that until an official date is announced by ArenaNet, any date that you read or hear is speculative.

Will there be a Collector's Edition for Guild Wars Factions?

Yes, in most regions of the world there will be a Collector's Edition, which will be released at the same time as the standard edition.

How much will Guild Wars Factions cost?

The price for Guild Wars Factions has not yet been announced.

Will Guild Wars Factions have a simultaneous worldwide release?

Yes. Guild Wars Factions will be released in America, Europe, Korea, Japan, and Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau on the same date.

Will Guild Wars expand to other areas of the world?

We are actively looking at expanding Guild Wars to other regions and countries. Guild Wars launched in Japan on January 27, 2006, and will launch in Taiwan, Macau, and Hong Kong on February 7, 2006. We anticipate the addition of even more regions or countries during 2006.

Is Guild Wars Factions an expansion pack or a stand-alone game?

Guild Wars Factions is a stand-alone product. Those who own Guild Wars are not required to purchase Guild Wars Factions in order to continue playing on their game account, and those who purchase Guild Wars Factions may play without purchasing Guild Wars. However, there is a strong level of interconnection between the two games that makes having them both an exceptional experience.

Is there separate content in each game, Guild Wars and Guild Wars Factions?

Yes. It is possible for a player to enjoy the contents of either game without purchasing the other. Players who have both games may have their characters travel back and forth at will between the continents of Tyria and Cantha. And naturally, there will be content that spans the two games that will make having both campaigns very appealing.

If I own more than one copy of Guild Wars, will I need to purchase more than one copy of Guild Wars Factions?

Each copy of a Guild Wars game furnishes you with an individual account. Therefore, if you have multiple accounts with which you wish to access both Guild Wars and Guild Wars Factions content, you will need one copy of Factions for each copy of Guild Wars that you own. The choice is yours, though, and you may have one account with access to both games, and a second account that accesses only one of the titles.

Will Guild Wars be updated with new content when Guild Wars Factions is released?

Producing extensively expanded content for Guild Wars is not planned at this time. The development team is putting its efforts into creating the best possible new release in Guild Wars Factions. It is possible that there will be intermittent updates for Guild Wars that include modest amounts of expanded content or seasonal event content. And of course, updates such as skill balance changes will apply to both Guild Wars and Guild Wars Factions. The bulk of new content development will take place in Factions.

Where does Guild Wars Factions take place?

Guild Wars Factions takes place in Cantha, an Asian-inspired three-nation continent far to the south of the lands of Tyria, the setting for the original Guild Wars campaign.

How do I get to Cantha?

Players who own both Factions and Guild Wars can travel by boat between the two continents through Lion's Arch or Seitung Harbor.

What are alliances and how do they work in Guild Wars Factions?

Guilds can join together to form guild alliances. Allied guilds share Alliance chat and can visit each other's guild halls. Alliances can also gain control of cities and towns in Cantha by participating in Alliance Missions, which give them the ability to trigger events and gain access to exclusive areas.

What is a faction? Should I join one?

By aligning with one of two warring factions, alliances can gain and hold territory by participating in Faction Battles. The outcome of these battles influences the progress of the war between the two factions. The current battle lines and indications of the control of cities and towns are always visible on the world map. Guild membership in Guild Wars Factions is extremely appealing and interesting for both cooperative and PvP players. By joining an alliance and achieving success with Alliance Missions, your guild gains control of high-level towns. With that control, guild members acquire access to elite cooperative content. In Factions, the strongest guilds most likely will not be made up exclusively of PvP or cooperative players. The strongest guilds will be a combination of both types of players, and such a combination will result in benefits for all members.

What are the game types within Guild Wars Factions?

Here are the new game types:
  • Challenge Missions
    Challenge Missions are cooperative missions with specific scoring objectives, such as holding out against progressive waves of enemies. Within the game, personal bests and high scores will be displayed.
  • Elite Missions
    Elite Missions are the most powerful means by which alliances access new areas; they are designed to be the ultimate cooperative challenge.
  • Alliance Missions
    In Alliance Missions, multiple teams compete to control resource points and achieve strategic victory. Victors earn faction points for their alliance, and the outcomes will determine control of towns and outposts.
  • Faction Battles
    Factions Battles are large-scale, strategic PvP battles that allow factions to conquer new territory.

Will I be able to take my existing characters in the new areas of the world? Do they keep their items, their levels, etc?

You will be able to travel to the new land, Cantha, with your Ascended Guild Wars characters. Inventory items, skills, and other possessions and attainments from Guild Wars remain yours with the release of Guild Wars Factions.

What is the new PvP area?

The majority of PvP encounters take place on a new continent: Battle Isles. All players from Guild Wars and Guild Wars Factions will engage in combat on the Battle Isles, although two lower-level PvP areas—the Ascalon Arena and the Shiverpeak Arena—will remain in Tyria and will be accessible on that continent rather than on Battle Isles.

If I do not purchase Guild Wars Factions, will I be able to create Assassins or Ritualists either as primary or secondary professions?

No. Assassins and Ritualists are exclusive to Guild Wars Factions and will not be accessible to players who have purchased only the original Guild Wars campaign.

Will I be able to team up with Assassin and Ritualist players if I don't buy Factions?

While you will not be able to create an Assassin or Ritualist unless you purchase Guild Wars Factions, you will, of course, be able to interact with those who own Guild Wars Factions when you join cooperative ventures or competitive matches.

Will my core profession characters be able to equip Assassin or Ritualist items?

A Guild Wars character is able to equip any non-customized item. However, because the character lacks the associated Attribute, the character's use of such items will not be particularly adept.

Can I trade my Factions items to those who do not own Factions?

Yes, you may trade items. However, such items cannot be equipped if they are customized items or if they are pieces of armor, which are always customized to an individual character.

Will there be additional character slots on my existing account, if I purchase Guild Wars Factions

Yes. Although the final number of characters slots has not yet been determined, you will have more than four slots if you purchase Guild Wars and Guild Wars Factions.

How do I interconnect my Guild Wars and Guild Wars Factions accounts?

When you purchase Guild Wars Factions, you will receive an access key. Simply use the Guild Wars interface to add that access key to your Guild Wars account and you will have access to all Guild Wars Factions content.

Will the Character Level ceiling of 20 be lifted?

No, the maximum character level will remain at 20. The level cap of 20 is a fundamental balance mechanism for Guild Wars, a game that revolves around player skill. The leveling system allows you to track your progress as you start a character. But by Level 20, your character is fully trained and is ready to experience the most exciting content in the game.

What kind of new content will I find in Guild Wars Factions?

  • A total of 300 new skills, including 90 new elite skills, for the two new Factions professions and the six core professions from Guild Wars
  • More than 50 new locales, including story missions, combat arenas, and explorable areas
  • More than 100 new creatures
  • New guild halls
  • New faces, hair styles, and armor sets for both Factions and the core professions
  • New pets
  • Hundreds of new weapons and items


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