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Guilds of the Week
This is feature where ArenaNet introduces some guilds. We can learn something about their history and members. Some guilds shows one or two of their builds for GvG battles and share tips about how to play PvP.

Guild's namePosted date
The Last Pride8 March 2006
Bring Back the Rifts28 February 2006
The Shattered Hand7 February 2006
Centuria Europa Nova7 February 2006
Dark Angels of Rising Chaos31 January 2006
Milites Mortis Elite24 January 2006
Fallen Angles17 January 2006
Dark Saga10 January 2006
Treacherous Empire20 December 2005
Forever Knights13 December 2005
Angry Businessmens06 December 2005 2005
Sg Knights29 November 2005
Final Dynasty23 November 2005
Esoteric Warriors15 November 2005
Eternal Shadow08 November 2005
Order of Dii01 November 2005
Xen of Onslaught25 October 2005
Pie Induced Ecstasy18 October 2005
Black Rose Gaming11 October 2005
Servants of Fortuna04 October 2005
The Pirates of BBQ Bay27 September 2005
Eternum Pariah20 September 2005
Dynasty Warriors13 September 2005
Awoken Myth23 August 2005
Les Grosbilloux09 August 2005
Clan Brotherhood 02 August 2005
United Legit Gaming Guilds26 July 2005
Forgotten Goddess 19 July 2005
The Valandor05 July 2005
The Fianna 21 June 2005
Knights Templar01 June 2005
Zealots of Shiverpeak24 May 2005
Negative Zero10 May 2005
Legion of Exile26 April 2005
Isle of Misfits19 April 2005
Spirits of War12 April 2005
Amazon Basin06 April 2005


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