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This section propably won't be too big. But that is because there is not too many files related with Guild Wars. Right now you can find here few programs that I found on the net. If you know about some other files related with GW, then mail me.

  File's name Size Descritption
1. 73KB Client that you need to download to play Guild Wars (If you have retail version then it is inculded on CDs)
2. (GWFreaks) * 4.66MB Best program for plan builds. There are single character building and for teams too. Many options including export build with BBCode, weapons and armors, map of Tyria, live update and many others.
3. The Edge 8.1MB Program similar to GWFreks but but with option to test your build in "battle".
4. 2.38MB Simple program to see what will happen with skill if you put some skill points in attributs
5. 990KB Like above but for team buiding
6. Images for gwteambuilder 880KB Addon for gwteambuilder with images for skills

* - GW Freaks requires the .NET framework to run. If you don't have the .NET framework on your computer, the application will generate a weird error at launch.


Guild Wars