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Winter build
by Tester
1. Warrior/??
  • Attributs: Strength: 11 (10+1), Axe Mastery: 15 (11+3+1), Tactics: 11(10+1)
  • Skills:
    - Axe Mastery - Eviscerate (elite), Axe Twist, Cyclone Axe, Swift Chop
    - Tactics - Balanced Stance, Healing Signet
    - Other - "For Great Justice!", Ressurection Signet
  • Armor and Weapons:
    For Armor use Dragon Armor because of higer armor. There is no need to have more energy.
    For weapon the best choice is Tanzit's Cleaver but this is PvE weapon so it could be hard to find it (it is weapon form Sorrow's Furnace). You can take istead normal PvP weapon "+15% damage while in stance" with "Icy Axe Haft" and bonus to HP
    Take shield with bonus to HP and damage reduction while in stance.

2. Elementalist/Necromancer
  • Attributs: Energy Storage: 13 (10+2+1), Earth Magic: 12 (10+2), Curses: 11
  • Skills:
    - Energy Storage - Ether Renewal (elite)
    - Eath Magic - Stone Daggers, Obsidian Flame, Kinetic Armor, Earth Attunement
    - Curses - Spinal Shivers, Enfeeble
    - Other - Ressurection Signet
  • Armor and Weapons:
    I always wonder what kind of armor should I take when fighting with Elementalist. There is only small difference between them - bonus vs. elemental damage. It's hard to say what kind of elemental damage you will face with so take this one you like most. ;)
    For weapon use Staff with bonus to energy and HP or Enchantmets last longer. Staff should have "Improve skill cast/recharge using Earth Magic".

3. Ranger/Necromancer
  • Attributs: Wilderness Survival: 14 (11+3), Marksmanship: 12 (10+1+1), Expertise: 11 (10+1)
  • Skills:
    - Wilderness Survival - Winter, Kindle Arrows, Frozen Soil, Troll Unguent
    - Marksmanship - Crippling Shot (elite), Precision Shot, Concussion Shot
    - Other - Ressurection Signet
  • Armor and Weapons:
    There are two armors to choose. Take Rawhide Vest if you want to have additional energy or take Frostbound Vest to have more armor vs. Cold Damage (with Winter it's vs. all elemental damage).
    If you are playing Ranger always take two bows. One must be short for fast shooting and second too attack from distance. I don't know which one would be better. All I can say is that Horn Bow is probably worst bow in game. Both bows should have bonus to HP and Icy Bow String.

4. Monk/Necromancer
  • Attributs: Divine Favor: 14 (11+1+3), Blood Magic: 10, Protection Prayers: 14 (11+3), Smiting Prayers: 1 (0+1)
  • Skills:
    - Divine Favor - Signet of Devotion, Divine Boon
    - Blood Magic - Offering of Blood (elite)
    - Protection Prayers - Reversal of Fortune, Protective Spirit, Mend Condition
    - Smiting Prayers - Smite Hex
    - Other - Ressurection Signet or Vengeance
  • Armor and Weapons:
    Take Ascetic's Desing to have more energy.
    Staff should have bonus to HP and "Improve skill cast/recharge using Blood Magic".


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