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Petmaster build
by Tester


Beast Mastery: 16 (12+3+1)
Expertise: 13 (12+1)


Beast Mastery: Charm Animal, Comfort Animal, Feral Lunge, Maiming Strike, Bestial Pounce, Disrupting Lunge, Call of Haste
Other: Ressurection Signet

Weapon and Armor:

Because Rangers always have problems with energy use Rawhide Vest. But you can try to use others as well.
Because you are pet master there is no point of taking a bow. Take Staff instead with bonuses to HP.

How to play:

Right before fight use Call of Haste to make your pet move and attack faster.
This build was made to interrupt casters so find one. Best choice would be Elementalist (long casting time) but other casters are good too.
Because of short recharge time of Disrupting Lunge you can always use it. But Iím sure that after couple of fights you will find out that the best way to interrupt is to wait until someone will cast their spell and then use Disrupting Lunge or Bestial Pounce.
Feral Lunge is directly for attacking.
If someone starts to run use Maiming Strike to cripple him.
Remember to heal your pet because it's your only weapon.


Guild Wars