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Defile build
by Tester


Curses: 15 (11+3+1)
Death Magic: 12 (11+1)
Soulr Reaping: 7 (6+1)


Curses: Lingering Curse (elite), Defile Flesh, Parasitic Bond, Enfeeble
Death Magic: Malign Intervertion, Verata's Gaze
Other: Glyph of Lesser Energy, Ressurection Signet

Weapon and Armor:

The best choice for armor is Scar Patterns because they add bonus energy which is quite important in this build.
For weapon use Staff with bonus to energy and bonus to HP. Staff should have "Improve skill cast/recharge using Curses".

How to play:

This build is quite hard because it don't do much damage. In fact it does almost none damage. ;)
You should always wait until your damage dealers start to attack some foe. Then cast Defile Flesh and after that use Glyph and Lingering Curse. Yes. With Glyph you can use Lingering much easier. Remember to cast now Parasitic Bond to cover two hexes casted earlier! At this moment foe should have reduced healing to around 33% normal amount.
But that is not enough. Use now Malign Intervention to make healing reduction more reduced. It should be now only 13%. Example: foe is Mo, he already has reduced healing and he try to cast Orison of Healing that normally should heal him for 90-100 points (with Divine Favor), but with healing reduction he will gain only 12-13HP.
Verata’s Gaze is needed because of Malign Intervention. There is quite big chance to kill foe when he has MI on himself and that will summon masterless Bone Horror. Casting Verata's Gaze should add one ally to our party. ;)
There is also Enfeeble in this build. When you are using Curses always take Enfeeble. This is great skill. It makes -66% to Warriors and Rangers attacks.


Guild Wars