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Laguana's Guide to Running
Some pointers for how to run.

What is running?

Running is basically what it sounds like: Getting places without fighting your way there, just running. People do it to get to places they'd rather not fight to, that they can't fight to, or that they perhaps shouldn't be yet.

General Running Tips

Obviously, some kind of speed increasing skill will be useful. Stances and shouts most of all, as they are instant cast with reasonable recharge. However, many runs are possible without running skills (simply harder).

Other useful skills are those which increases your chances to dodge (such as whirling defence, or magnetic and swirling aura) attacks. Anti hex and condition skills can be good, many to be found in the monk class.

Some kind of healing skill is a must. Troll unguent is very useful for a ranger, as you can approach a dangerous area, put it on then run through, and be healing as you go. Mending is useful for monks, but something to heal you either directly or via regen is very useful.

Other skills can depend on circumstance. For example, the warrior anti-knockdown skills are very useful for a droknars run, but you wouldn't need them for runs in the kryta area.

As i often have a spot or so free, some kind of attacking or disrupting skill can help, especially in the desert with the hydras.

As for the use of these skills, it depends on the circumstance, but generally you will want to conserve your skills for when you'll need them. Use common sense as to when the time is right, and practice, try changing how you do things if it isn't working. Getting to know the area, and thus being able to predict how it will be, will come to effect your use of skills.

One thing which I personally find useful is being able to use (or abuse) the henchmen. In many places there are enemies fairly close to a portal, or in an easy to get to place, and if you attempt to run past them, they'll aggro you and hunt you down. However, if you bring henchmen with you and use them right, they will attack the henchmen and allow you to make it past. Sometimes the Henchies even survive ;)

Generally, henchmen are for distracting enemies from you in certain situations, or for fights close to portals (where they will be alive after likely dying in a previous area). An example of this second one is in the cursed lands, where I often fight the first group to make things easier on myself, and then use the henchmen to distract the second group, to lessen the damage done to myself.

Finally, explore the area. I've listed one way to get to some places, but there are others. If you intend to run places, or run others places, don't feel that you have to go the way that everyone else does. Have a look around and experiment, and you may find something which works for you.

Ascalon settlement

Starting from Lions Arch, head outside. You will see a math to the north, and slightly east. Take this path, until you reach the Fire Imps. If you have running skills, which is unlikely if this is your first time in this area, then feel free to cycle through them rather than fighting. If you don't have running skills, fight the several fire imps you find there. Cross over the bridge to the northwest, then head north, fighting the groups of imps and bog scales, until you reach a boss. Once you beat the boss, go down the ramp and head northeast along the road. When you are able to, head slightly west of north, going up the hill and following the road. Once you reach a fork, head west and northwest. You should come to see the gates of the Ascalon settlement soon. It is often useful to pass through the settlement and go out the portal on the other side to Nebo Terrace and then come back, to allow stragglers in your group to catch up, and to restore any NPCs who may have died.

Bergen Hot Springs

Follow the previous instructions to Ascalon settlement, and head to Nebo terrace by going south west of the settlement. Follow the path until it opens up. Either fight the group that is often found there, or sneak around them, but continue heading west. Almost directly west from the entrance, there is a pathway going through the mountains (Not the path with the road, but simply a valley between mountains). Travel through here, and then head south. there will be a gap in the hills to the southeast at one point - go through here. Immediately afterwards there is a passage through the mountains to the southwest. When you emerge from here, the enemy locations vary, but either fight or sneak through them in a southeast direction, and you will come to Bergen Hot Springs. Note that Ghouls can pop up out of the ground, so while it may look clear, it may not be.


Follow the previous instructions to Ascalon settlement, and head to Nebo terrace by going south west of the settlement. Follow the path until it opens up. Either fight the group that is often found there, or sneak around them, but continue heading west. Continue west until you get to a pathway through the mountains which often has many ettins at it's start. Either fight or run your way through here going straight west, and you will go up, over a hill, and come down into Beetletun.

Temple of Ages

Follow the previous instructions to Bergen Hot Springs. Either fight or run your way west to Cursed Lands. Follow the road to the north and either fight or run past the enemies. When you get to the second group of enemies, follow the road in a generally northwest direction, although you will have to go around obstacles. Follow the road to the portal and enter the Black Curtain. In this area it is a very good idea to avoid aggro'ing enemies, and sneak around. However, it is still possible to fight your way through here, even at relatively low levels (such as 12) if you are willing to accept a death penalty. Follow the path along to the southwest and west, then leave the path and head west to the wall of the mountain range. Follow this wall along as close you can, but try to avoid the water as it is poisonous. Follow this wall along all the way until you come to a place with a ruined gate (near Sir Robert the collector) , where you should head across the open ground to the north west. When you can see a group of thorn stalkers, head to the north of them and you will enter the Temple of the Ages.

Desert runs, from Augury rock

Elona Reach

Start at Augury Rock. Take a full group, fill with henchmen if required. Leave through the northern doorway, and head northeast. Fighting the first hydra on his own can often help if the spawns cover the area too much. Follow the path east, avoiding the groups of hydras. As you pass south of the teleporter, either run straight to the teleporter and activate it, or send in the other group members to distract the hydras before activating the teleporter. Once activated, cross over and head east to zone into Diviners Ascent.

Head north until you reach the open area. Once there, head northeast avoiding enemies where possible. When you see some pillars, head to a passage which is to the north of them. This passage is often full of enemies, including a boss. Try to avoid aggro'ing as many as you can, but if you fail, just run. Once the area opens up again, head almost due west, near some ruins of what almost looks like a boat. Head a little southwest of here, into another path, and you will arrive at Elona Reach

Seeker's Passage

I run to seekers from Elona reach, but there are certainly other ways. To go from Elona, Head north, then to the southwest when you can. Follow the passage as it bends around to the northwest, avoiding as many enemies as you can, until you leave to Salt Flats.

On this map, head south. There will be many mesmers, so you may wish to wait. Once you can, head west, again past many storm kin. Head all the way west past all the mesmers until you pass under some arches, then head northwest to the far wall. From here, follow the wall along as it bends around, avoiding enemies where you are able, and you will reach Seeker's Passage.

Destiny's Gorge

Follow the instructions to Elona reach until you change map. Once you change map, change back, thus having your whole party at the portal on the map. Head south down the hill, and either kill or distract the first group of centaurs, and run to the northeast along the river to get to Destiny's Gorge.

Thirsty River

From Destiny's Gorge, head to the northern wall, and go east, avoiding groups where possible. Follow the north wall like this until you go down a hill between the outer wall and a mountain. After this, head to the middle of three paths, over a small hill. Follow this middle valley with sand giants on either side, past several behemoths and giants, until you reach a collector. Depending on the location of the enchanted bows and such, attempt to get past without aggro'ing them, or if they start attacking, attempt to run past till they stop following you. Once they stop following activate the teleporter, and cross over. If you cannot get them to ignore you, either try to activate the teleporter anyway, or restart the run and hope for a better placement. However, this way usually works.

Once you cross over in the teleporter, head east and then south when you are able, for a final southeast dash to the portal.

Heroes' Audience

From Augury Rock, go out the west exit. Head east until the south path, then head down there. Once out into the wide open area, head West towards a pair of legs, avoiding enemies where possible. A very simple run.

Dunes of Despair

One of the harder runs, relying on an amount of luck sometimes. From Heroes' Audienec, head east until a south past becomes available, and then follow it. A wurm is likely to emerge, but just run away from it and zone to the next area.

Head south through a roughly circular area, and then turn east, and then south once again. Follow along the dark coloured mountain until you pass the teleporter to your east, at which time you should head southwest and follow the slight ridge around. Once you get to this teleporter, activate it and cross over. This part may be possible or not, as there is on occasion a wurm or few who make it very annoying to activate the teleporter. Also, there are gryphons and other enemies in the area who can block your movement.

Once you activate the teleporter, and cross over, simply run to the portal as you can see it, and you will be at the Dunes of Despair.

*** This article was found on the net and because it is great guide runners I posted it here. :)


Guild Wars