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An Introduction to Professions
Quick guide to the basics of Professions

The Professions system lets you select your primary Profession when you are first creating your character. Your primary profession will decide what your general appearance is and what armor you can wear. Choosing a profession simply for look is not likely to do you any favors. Armor ratings and what armor you can wear is and will be explained in other articles.

Each profession also has attributes unique to them and only obtainable by having that profession as your Primary. This single attribute that each primary profession has is called a Primary Attribute. This is and will be explained in other articles as well.

Professions each have a set of runes that will work on your Primary profession (i.e., Warrior Runes are only usable if you're primary profession is Warrior). These runes apply to your armor.

As far as skills go, the primary professions skills will be stronger than the secondary profession, and any skills which link to a profession's Primary Attribute can only get stronger if that profession is your primary profession.

Your secondary profession can be chosen on a trial an error basis if you are careful. You will get to try each of the secondary professions if you find the trainer that shows you that profession. After you complete the quest they assigned you, you can decide whether or not you want to permanently have that profession as your secondary profession.

The professions are very versatile and there are many combinations, so choose wisely!

*** This article was written by Kinetic and because it's wonderful guide for all of you who want to know some basic informations about professions I decided to post it here. ;)


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