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All About Monks!
Details, advantages, and disadvantages and tips about Monks

Monks are the abbots of war, the protectors, healers and holy fighters. The first big choice to make when becoming a Monk is whether or not to be a healer or holy fighter? Keep in mind healers go around like gold dust when it comes to choosing a party. You'll notice in mission outposts the absolute lack of Monks. That's because when a Monk joins a mission outpost they're snatched up by parties. If there is a profession that every party needs, it's Monk. They heal, they resurrect, and they buff. What more could you ask for? Monks also have flaws; like all the others they have to be balanced out with flaws. One flaw is energy. Keeping your team alive isn't easy. When your Monk runs out of energy what do you do?! You die, or your team gets smart. More often the former happens. The other flaw is armor, if a Monk is the target of melee, they won't be able to heal themselves forever!

Never wait for a party at an outpost, theres always room for a Monk. And (if you're very good) you can almost never die! If this is your primary profession, you also have the added advantage of healing everyone a little extra with the attribute Divine Favor every time you use any Monk skill on them. If you use a Monk skill on an enemy, you get healed by Divine Favor.

Monks have many disadvantages, another way of keeping the balance between professions. Firstly, being a Monk is hard work! During combat they never get a moments rest, they have to keep on top of everyone's health level, as well as buffing them and removing unwanted conditions such as poison. A good way to do this is to use the keyboard keys for your skills while clicking party names in the "Party Members" window. The most important thing to keep on top of is Energy management. Monks need to space out the healing and only heal those who really need it, because a Monk with no energy is useless. Another disadvantage is armor. Their armor is weak and especially vulnerable to melee combat. There is a big issue with XP gain on the Monks behalf, while they are healing themselves and their party they aren't damaging the enemy and thus get much less XP (but not 0 XP). This means Monks sometimes have to repeat a mission in order to keep their level high enough to complete the next mission. Finally, keeping out of the enemy's line of fire can be hard and distracting. Too many times Monks run away from melee attackers or hide from ranged attacks and then they are too distracted to realize someone has just died. So they have a lot of things to keep track of, especially in parties of 6 or more.

If you choose the way of Healer, be ready for a hard time, people are very reliant on Monks and often take them for granted. Just like in life, it can be a very thankless profession! Also Energy management is a big deal. Don't go spending energy like it has no end! Although Monk skills are highly useful and effective, they often come at a high price, especially buffs. Though they are good, make sure that the buff you put on a party member is suited for their role in the party.

If, however, you choose the role of a Holy Fighter, make sure you use proper attack spells, as some have hidden powers. For example Bane Signet can knock down an attacking foe saving you time and allowing you to then use Holy Strike to steal HP from them. Also Holy damage works best against bosses and the undead. Make sure you know who you are fighting and what skills are needed, and think carefully about what skills to equip for a given mission or exploration.

*** This article was written by Kinetic and because it's wonderful guide for all of you who want to know something about great healing from Monks, I decided to post it here. ;)


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