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Interrupting Ranger

When playing as an Interrupter, it is very important to study your enemy. You have to know which skills he will use, and when. This is why your Tactic should vary depending on your enemy. You also have to decide if you want to use concussion shot because of the dazed status or if it is better to use distracting shot to deactivate an often used skill. In the following Guide i would like to give a short guideline on advanced interrupting.

~~ Elementalists ~~

* Fire magic:
Fire Magic is all about AoE Effects and endless casting times. What is a fireelementalist without meteorstorm, rodgorts invocation, firestorm etc. Just shoot your concussion shot off and the fire elementalist shouldnt be able to harm anyone anymore. The spammable skills are "Fireball (2s)" and "Flare (1s)". If you can hit one of them with distracting shot, the fire elementalist will just sit there and cry, he wont be able to do just ANYTHING!. You also should wait until he wants to cast one of the spells with the huge casting times so you can land a concussion shot. then he will try to use flare or fireball because they have low casting times (being dazed, casting times are multiplied with 2!). Landing a distracting shot is a piece of cake now :)

* Air magic:
The basic skills which almost every air elementalist is using are "chain lighting (2s)", "Air Attunement (2s)", "Lightning Strike (1s)", "Lightning Orb (2s)", "Lightning Surge (2s)" and some other skills which have only 1s casting time. Here you should always try to land a concussion shot. Actually, you can land it right in the beggining of the fight because most air eles prefer to wait until your monk (or what ever their target is) is in the elementalist's range to cast air attunement and gain the full temporarly benefit of it. Thats your chance, man! TWO seconds! Concussion shot and right again, the elementalist will sit there crying ;) If he casted it while you werent in range then you shouldnt worry, just wait until he wants to use Lightning Surge, Lightning Orb or Chain Lightning (the elementalist should have at least ONE of these skills!!). Then, again, land your concussion shot.

~~ Necromancers ~~

* Blood Magic:
And again, the skills which are suitable for concussion shot are the ones with a casting time of two (or even more) seconds. These are:
Blood Ritual (2s), Life Siphon (2s), Life Transfer (2s), Mark of Subversion (2s), Order of Pain (2s), Order of the Vampire (2s), Shadow Strike (2s), Soul Leech (2s), Well of Blood (2s), Well of Power (2s). This is a whole Bunch of skills and most are very "exotic", i.e. not every necro uses them. But a LOT of necros (especially in the arenas) use both, Life Transfer and Life Siphon. Tomb Necros are teamplayers, they often use the Wells or (if they try to anti-cast) mark of subversion... These are wonderful skills to land a concussion shot on :)
I have rarely seen necros using shadow strike, but i felt mentioning it because the mobs in Hells Principle use it.

* Curses:
Yea, those necros HURT. Too good that they are easy to interrupt ;) Aim for these skills:
Barbs (2s), Desecrate Enchantments (2s), Enfeebling Blood (2s), Feast of Corruption (2s), Insidios Parasite (2s), Lingering curse (3s), Malaise (2s), Mark of Pain (2s), Plague Sending (2s), Price of Failure (3s), Rend Enchantments (3s), Rigor Mortis (3s), Shadow of Fear (2s), Soul Barbs (2s), Spinal Shivers (2s), Spiteful Spirit (2s), Suffering (2s), Weaken Armor (3s), Wither (2s).
As you can see many of the commonly used curse spells have casting times of two seconds (or even three seconds). Actually, all of these skills are often used. Thats why it isnt very hard to interrupt a curse necro ;)

*Death Magic:
You can split Death Magic in up to three parts:
- Minions: Most of the Minionmasters just run around and summon stuff, which takes 2 or even 3 seconds. They arent hard to interrupt.
- Wells: Their casting time is between 2 and 3 seconds, too.
- Touches: Those need less of a second to cast and they arent spells. You shouldnt even try to interrupt them!

~~ Mesmers ~~

Oh yes, the Mesmers. They are known for their Interrupting capabilities. And they are the archfiend of every Ranger out there. Why? Because a party rather gets an interrupter/anti-caster mesmer instead of getting a decent Ranger. Its time to kick the Mesmer's asses, dont you think? ;)
One could think it might be very hard to interrupt a mesmer since they have fast casting and spells with short casting times. Thats wrong! They have a huge weak spot: Backfire! What an ironic skill.. The mesmer wants to cast it so the monk(or another caster) will shoot in his own back when casting spells and actually the mesmer on his own will be doomed! That spell's casting time is whole 3 seconds! even with fast casting 16 the mesmer will need about 1,5 seconds to cast it. Ive rarely met a mesmer who didnt use backfire right at the start of the fight. So, people, look at the mesmer. Look at his face. is he smiling? Then he wants to cast backfire! Time for concussion shot, eheheheheh.... Have fun on harassing those guys :D
Other skills with long casting times are: Diversion (2s), Chaos Storm (2s), Empathy (2s), Energy Burn (2s), Guilt (2s), Panic (2s), Shame (2s), Arcane Conundrum (2s), Ethereal Burden (3s), Fevered Dreams (2s), Migraine (2s), Phantom Pain (2s), Soothing Images (2s), Energy Tap (3s), Ether Feast (2s), Spirit Shackles (3s), Spirit of Failure (3s).
you can forget the skills which the mesmer uses for interrupting. Only if he is dazed, you can try to hit them :)

~~ Warriors ~~

Most of their skills are attacking skills, shouts, stances. Dont even try to interrupt them. The only thing you can try to interrupt is the healing signet or a rez.

~~ Monks ~~

* Protectors:
Most of their skills have no casting time (or casting time <1 s). The best way to interrupt them is to predict when the monk will use which skill. Sounds insane, but with a bit of thinking you REALLY can :)
Skills with high casting times are:
Convert Hexes (2s), Life Barrier (2s), Pacifism (3s), Protective Bond (2s). You will rarely meet a Monk with convert Hexes or Pacifism. The other two skills are enchantments, this means that the monk will cast them before the fight. Generally, it helps if you have a mesmer using migraine and/or arcane conundrum.

* Healing Monks:
The only skills with high casting times are Healing Seed (2s) and Heal Group (2s). If you have warriors in your group, the healing monk will cast Seed quite in the beginning of the fight. Try to hit him with concussion shot.

~~ Epilogue ~~

Well, this guideline was concentrated on using concussion shot. Skills with high casting times often have high recast times. You shouldnt waste distracting shot on them. Better try to hit one of the spamskills like Flare or Orison of Healing with it. How? If your Target is dazed all those skills have double casting times. For sure, the opposing team will use purge conditions or something like that. This means that you can not count on daze. I just try to hit first with concussion shot to have it easier interrupting a spam-skill with distracting shot :)
I hope my translation was not as bad and if this guideline helped at least one guy in this community, my aim is achieved :)

p.s.: and yes, i know all of the spells and their casting times by heart. And if you want to interrupt, you should do that, too. Try playing a caster yourself to discover their weaknesses!

*** This article was written by Fuse and because it's wonderful guide for Rangers i decided to post it here so everyone could know how to interrupt foes. ;)


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