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Commands - Emotes

Characters in Guild Wars has quite many emots which can show much more then normal words. Here they are:

/dance - every character and sex has diffrent dance style
/drums - every character and sex has diffrent drum animation
/flute - every character and sex has diffrent flute animation
/friend name - adds "name" to your friends list
/guitar - every character and sex has diffrent guitar animation
/ignore name - adds "name" to your ignores list
/namepet name - adds name for your pet
/paper *
/rank - this command can be use only when we reach rank 3+ and will show animation of animal (rank 3 - deer's head, rank 6 - wolf's head, rank 9 - tiger)
/rock *
/scissors *
/violin - every character and sex has diffrent violin animation

* We can play paper, scissors, rock with those three commands...only need someone to play with. ;)

Below are other commands that may be helpful:

/age - shows time that we spend with character and time from when it was created
/deaths - shows number of deaths
/health - shows actuall amount of life and energy

This article was written by yeek. ;) If you have any suggestions send me an email.


Guild Wars