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All About Elementalists!
Details, advantages, and disadvantages and tips about Elementalists

Elementalists are the damage dealers. Using the force of all four elements of Fire, Water, Earth and Air they can cause immense damage from long or short range. Fire is probably the most popular element, and is a group killer, with AoE (area of effect) skills like Inferno, Fire Storm and Meteor Shower. Water is most likely to be chosen because of the enemies you come up against most in the game: the Charr, and the Charr are strong against fire, but weak against water. Earth is the Tank's choice of the elements, with self buffs to increase armor power (this profession with Earth Magic works well as secondary profession to a Warrior). Finally, air elementalists use lightning to strike down their foes.

Probably the two biggest advantages are the great damage dealing power they posess and their massive Energy Storage and Energy regeneration. These two advantages will link together as Energy Storage will help deal all the more damage.

The armor power of elementalists is a big downside; they have weak armor. But then, if they had strong armor they would be unstoppable, so in order to keep the tight balance between professions their armor must be downgraded. Elementalists armor comes in 5 types, Aeromancer for Air Elementalists, Pyromancer for Fire Elementalists, Geomancer for Earth Elementalists, and Hydromancer for Water Elementalists. Elementalists wear Robes, leggings, gloves, shoes and 'third eyes'. Also the Elementalists are probably the hardest profession to use and master. To be able to exert great damage with your Elementalist you need to know how to use the many skills the Elementalist has to offer properly.

Elementalist isn't always a most favored character. People are always going mad over getting Warriors and Monks in the party as the sheer power of Elementalists is often unnoticed. Because of this, it is a good idea to have something like Monk as second profession in order to be favored and secretly unleash the power.

The most important thing to bear in mind when creating an Elementalist is to know where you are going with it. What element do you choose? Well if you are going for the support role then Air or Earth is suggested. But the more self serving damage dealing role would be best suited to Fire and Water. Another thing to bear in mind is the likeness between the elements. For example, fire and water are opposites. So realizing that fire is always a favorite and choosing water to counteract is a good idea (for PvP). You fight the Charr a lot in PvE.

A big thing to remember is how you spend your Energy, and remembering not to use too much only to realize later you have none left. This can be the key to a good Elementalist. A big part of the game philosophy is "It's the player that denotes how good your character is, not how high your level is or how long you have been playing." Bear that in mind when selecting and using your skills. Always remember to try out different skills.

Another thing to remember is not to get caught up in damaging every enemy you see. Remember to keep your distance if you are a long range Elementalist and remember to stay where your healer can see you.

*** This article was written by Kinetic and because it's wonderful guide for all of you who want to know something about great magic from Elementalists, I decided to post it here. ;)


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