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Traveling through the World of Tyria we can find Dyes that can be used to colorize armors and weapons. There are eight different colors of Dye. All colors can be mixed into other colors. Max number of mixes is five.
To remove color from armor and weapon you have to use Due Remover, which can be found at Merchant. Furthermore Dye Remover can be also used for mixing making colors more washed. Note that mixed dye is worthless for Merchants.
You can sell dyes to Dye Merchant but you can do this also to other players where you get higher prices.
Most expensive are Black and Silver Dye. Lots of them can be found in preAC.

Icon Name Icon Name Icon Name
Red Dye Yellow Dye Green Dye
Purple Dye Blue Dye Orange Dye
Silver Dye Black Dye Dye Remover


Guild Wars