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Understanding Death Penalty

What is Death Penalty?
Death Penalty (DP for short) is a punishment for dying. Every time your character dies in combat you receive a 15% reduction to your maximum health and energy. These reductions are cumulative. Each time you die you will receive an additional 15% hit to your maximum health and energy. Finally, there is a maximum that you can reach for Death Penalty, which is -60% (4 deaths). In many different combat maps in GuildWars, such as various Tombs matches and GuildHall matches, your team will have a priest that will resurrect you periodically (usually every 2 minutes). If you die 4 times in a row without receiving any Moral Bonus (which we will cover in this guide) you will be "DPe'd out" and these priests will not resurrect you, the only way you can participate in combat after you die is if an ally resurrects you. Getting "DP'ed out" is a serious detriment to your teams success.

How can I get rid of Death Penalty?
There are several ways to get rid of Death Penalty, firstly I'm going to mention the Morale Bonus. In Guild vs Guild combat in the Guild Hall, both teams receive a flag. If the team places that flag in the tower which is often in the middle of the map, and holds control of the tower for 2 minutes, they receive a Morale Bonus. Moral Bonuses will erase 10 points off of death penalty, if we count each percentage point as 1 point. So, if you have 15% DP, and receive a Moral Bonus, you will have 5% DP. If you have no Death Penalty and receive a Moral Bonus, then you will be positive 10%, which consequently gives you 10% more health and energy. A Moral Bonus is the only way in which you may gain a positive percentage to your health and energy, during combat with another guild.

There are other ways to get rid of Death Penalty other than the Moral Bonus.
Killing enemy players - In PvP, each time you kill an enemy, 2% of your Death Penalty is removed..
Killing Rift Wardens - In the first survival map of the Tombs of the Primeval Kings, killing a Rift Warden will give you a 2% Morale Bonus. For the best strategic results, it's best to keep your support characters close to your Ghostly Hero while the stronger melee characters pick off the Rift Wardens for MB. Once your team reaches +10%, it's best to have the entire team return to the Ghostly Hero to ensure that no one dies and loses that bonus that you worked so hard to obtain. At the completion of this mission, any positive moral you earned stays with you as you enter the first map of the Tombs. .
Killing the enemy Ghostly Hero - In most Tombs maps, killing the enemy Ghostly Hero will give your team a +10% Morale Bonus with the exact same behavior as the one from GvG.

Understanding DP is essential to being an effective fighting force. If to many members of your team are operating under extreme DP, your chances of winning the match are extremely diminished, not to mention you will run the risk of some members of your team being removed from the fight all together by becoming DP'ed out. Also, controlling central towers in GvG combat and receiving 10% moral gives you a substantial edge against your enemy.


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