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Explanation of the most frequently used terms

  • Adds: additional mobs that will attack you besides the called target
  • AFK: Away From Keyboard
  • Aggro: Taken from the word Aggressive. Refers to mobs that will get aggressive and attack you when you get in within the danger zone.
  • Aggro Bubble: Also known as the Danger Zone. The small circle in the minimap that surrounds your position. Monsters outside the circle are less likely to aggro. When they come within range, chances are very likely that they will attack.
  • Anet: Short for ArenaNet
  • AoE: Area-of-Effect, skill that covers a wide area, doing damage on multiple targets within that area.
  • Buff / Debuff: A skill, usually an enchantment or hex, that strengthens (buff) or weakens (debuff) other skills or attributes. Can be used on yourself, but also on teammates (to  buff) and enemies (to debuff).
  • Caller: See Targetcaller
  • Cap: Level cap of the game. Currently set to 20.
  • Caster: A character who uses magic, e.g., the Elementalist, Necromancer, Mesmer.
  • Controller: A team member whose job is to reduce the healing power of enemy healers. DOT Mesmers and Water Elementalists are very suitable to act like controllers.
  • Crafter: NPC in the game who crafts weapons and armor in the game. Can usually be found in outposts or towns.
  • Defiler: Person who specializes in debuffing the enemy. Especially effective against warriors who usually are buffed to the max. But also good against casters when using hexes that start to work when the enemy starts to cast a spell (i.e. backfire). Best combo for a defiler: Nec/Mes.
  • DOT: Damage Over Time. Load up the enemy with DOTs and slow them down, drain their energy, debuff them, so you can make a quick getaway. DOTs are perfect for taking down heavily armored foes because DOT effects ignore the target's armor.
  • DP: Death Penalty. Everytime you die your Health and Energy will reduce by 15% with a maximum of reaching -60%. You can get rid of your DP by killing monsters. Killing bosses will give you a 2% boost.
  • DPS: Damage Per Second
  • Dual classing: Each player choses a primairy profession (class) and a secondairy professions. The primairy profession is the ber of the two professions, but the player gets to enjoy various advantages of both sides of the class.
  • Elite: A type of skill, of which each player can have only one in the skill bar at any given time.
  • Exhaustion: Temporarily lowers max energy
  • Fissure: Dimension accessible through the Temple of the Ages
  • Hex Spell: A spell that causes a negative effect for a period of time. Hexes may prevent the target from using certain skills, slow skill recharge rates, or cause the target to lose health or energy over time (also see DOT).
  • HoH: Hall of Heroes, your main goal in the Tombs.
  • HOT: Heal Over Time. Spells that give you extra pips of energy regeneration.
  • IRC: Internet Relay Chat, chatrooms used by Guilds and fansites.
  • KotH: King of the Hill. Battletype in PvP. Read more about it in the Battletypes section.
  • LA: Lion's Arch
  • LFG: Looking For Group
  • LFM: Looking For More
  • Melee: Fight at close range doing instant damage. It can be with fists, but usually melee fighters make use of weapons like swords, axes, staffs, hammers or anything that will do major damage. Warriors are the typical melee fighters.
  • Mob: Mobile NPC, usually a hostile NPC
  • NPC: Non Player Character
  • Nuke: Unleashing many spells on a single target or group.
  • Pip: Arrow on your healthbar and energybar. Shows the speed of regeneration or degeneration.
  • PUG: Pickup Group. Usually found in the Tombs
  • Pull: Drawing one mob towards you, preferably one at a time to weaken groups of mobs.
  • Rez: Resurrect
  • Snare: A movement hindering skill
  • Spell: A skill that results in an instant effect, such as damage, healing, energy loss or energy gain.
  • Spike Group: Group focussed around damage dealers who do major instant damage, taking out persons in one strike. Popular spike group: 4 aeromancers, 1 shutdown mesmer, 2 healing monks, 1 protection monk.
  • Target Caller: A character who attacks an enemy target using the CTRL + Click option, which displays a message text to the rest of the team "calling out" the enemy.
  • Tombs: Tomb of the Primeval Kings
  • Train: Aggro-ing monsters on purpose so they will follow you, leading them into a group of players hoping they will also get attacked by the "train" of monsters. Considered to be very lame.
  • TS: Teamspeak, voicecommunication program
  • UW: Underworld, special dimension accessible through the Temple of the Ages
  • Vent: Ventrillo, voicecommunication program
  • WaW: Worlds At War
  • WTB: Want To Buy
  • WTS: Want To Sel


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