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Guild Wars Exploits - Bugs - Gliches

Here's a glitch in the game where you can teleport from one place to another instantly.

-Find a NPC who opens a text menu when you click on them.

-Quickly click on any other character you can see on your screen and be teleported to them instantly.

(Note: this is tricky and will not always work, but once you get it down you will save yourself a bit of time from having to run back and forth from merchant to crafter)

Another instance of this glitch is during combat.
(requires you to be fighting melee)

While fighting a monster...

-As soon as you kill the monster click a tactic or adrenaline attack and click on another monster, you'll immediately teleport to where that monster is and hit them without delay.

Instead of having to wait after you kill a monster, and then run to the next one, you simply begin attacking as if it were the same monster as the one you just killed.

- Note: these are glitches and so they require patience and practice, but after a few trials and errors you should successfully encounter the 'Teleport Exploit'.

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