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Oink Exploit
Guild Wars Exploits - Bugs - Gliches

1. Get to Kryta Gates, go into mission solo.

2. Go straight out through the doors and go left through the open fence area. Here you will find a pig named Oink, click on him he will "oink".

3. Then drag him around the backside of the house to a treasure chest, then head down the hill.

4. Pull the first hell hound that you see he'll be at the bottom of the hill and a little to the left most the time, you will also get aggro from a group of ghouls so be ready. Soon as they all aggro run up the hill almost to the very top and wait for piggy to move closer to you. He will drag the mobs with him. Now nuke away.

5. Once those are dead a HUGE massive train of mobs will come barreling down toward you, they will all aggro the piggy except the 3 necro casters. What i do is simply go farther up the hill till oink pulls the mobs up on the little straightaway, now the casters can't see you but you can AE nuke the group of mobs. If some of the mobs come off the pig and after you just simply run around in little half moon motions around the pig and they will reagro the pig. Just nuke, rinse and repeat, i've gotten countless golds, and purples, and tons of gold by doing this.

you'll just have to play around with it to find your "method" of keeping the mobs on the pig, i have better luck standing way far back an giving them a minute to aggro pig, then nuke the crap out of them.

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