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Attribute changer
Guild Wars Exploits - Bugs - Gliches

Tsearch 1.6b is needed.

Open up tsearch then guildwars, log on.
After your on I suggest you go outside its not as laggy..
Hit H and find which atribute you want to change remember what its currently at. Alt tab or minimize out go to tsearch. Click open prosess and choose Gw.exe. After that click the magnify glass (not the one with the ... next to it)
set it to extract value and and 4 bytes you should get alot of results, go back to GW and eathier go up or down in that atribute, and remember that number . Go to Tsearch and click the magnify glass with the ... next to it, same stuff as before but use the new number. After that you should get like 100+ results.. Go back to GW and if you clicked to go up in the attribute go down, if you went down, go up (to original number). Keep doing this until you only have a few. Set all of the values to 12 then click the blue smiley face. There you go! Be sure to save the file (the floppy disc icon, click on it) then load it whenever you want to use it..

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