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10 Max Life Regeneration Exploit
Guild Wars Exploits - Bugs - Gliches

Well, I've hacked a few games before I got bored with themsuch as Gunbound/starcraft/Maple Story and now I'm hacking Guild Wars. This "exploit" or hack gives the hacker +10 regeneration even in battle or in a town. This exploit is fairly easy to use for those who are familiar with Tsearch/Cheat Engine. Tsearch and Cheat Engine is a tool to edit the Game's coding. Alright, now down to the hack.

So, if you haven't already, download the latest Tsearch or Cheat Engine. For me, I prefer Tsearch rather than Cheat Engine unless I'm playing Maple Story with god mode on. I use 1.6b for Tsearch and there may be newer versions out but I'm fine with 1.6b.

Now, to really use this expoit and potentially create more and discover for yourself, you must learn to understand what you're actually doing rather than just follow my instructions. I'll explain

1. Open Guild Wars
2. Open Tsearch 1.6b
3. Locate the Arrow near Open Process at the top left and go down to Gw.exe or Guild War.exe (depends on how you installed the guild wars)
-This essentially designates what game ur hacking. If it's Gunbound it'd be Gunbound.exe/Starcraft would be starcraft.exe. Basically the program name in your Ctrl/Alt/Del Processes
4. Once you have done that, let's go to the fun part.
5. Maximize Guild Wars then do the Kryta mission preferably, this is the easiest to do while hacking.
6. Go to the area where you automatically have life regenerated.
7. Maximize your Tsearch
8. Go to the Magnifying Glass in Tsearch, and then choose Unknown Value form the scrollbar.
9. Step out of the healing area and search, Value Has Changed this time with the Magnifying glass with the '...' next to it
10 Step in the healing area and search, Value Has Changed with the ...
11. Stay in the healing area and search, Value has not changed
12. Repeat until you have 1-10 values.
13. Test them one by one by highlighting one and pressing the blue happy face to freeze. Make sure you're in the healing area when you freeze it.

What you're doing.

When you're in the healing area you gain a health regeneration and the arrows still give u life even though you're full. When you search Unknown value you're trying to find the value that controls the healing. When you step outside you're saying Value has changed because ur not gaining life anymore and you step back in and it changed again cause now you're getting life. Now, when you find the value and freeze it while you're healing you'll always have life because you freezed the value not allowing it to change. but you only get 3 >>> I believe. To get more, have a friend keep give you health add-ups like Healing Breeze, and do the process and you can get more >>>.

Other Uses

I also used a method for No Casting Recharge Time. Using this tut, it's easy to figure out how. This value does change sometimes so if it does not work all of a sudden, you must redo the process again. Otherwise, write down your value and address and have fun using it.

With this, you're almost impossible to kill as you gain 10 health every second or so and it's almost fun to do missions by yourself to get the loot :]

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