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Guild Wars - Guides and Strategies
Warrior PvP Build

These aren't really exploits but they are buids that if done right do dominate in PvP.

Air Magic - 3
Strength - 10 (9+1)
Axe - 16 (4+1)
Skills: Executioner's Strike, Penetrating Blow, Axe Rake, Eviscerate, Frenzy, Shock, Sprint, Resurrection Signet

With this build you interupt the enemies attacks including the ghost capping the alter with Shock. You wanna have Frenzy up 24/7 so you can go massive Adrenalin, you hit first with Eviscerate, then Axe Rake, then Executioner's Strike, and finally Penetrating Blow. With this combo you can kill your target.

Guild Wars