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Guild Wars - Guides and Strategies
Warrior Farming

This build will work for all warriors, since only warrior skills are used.

The Scar (turn left out of Destiny's Gorge, stay in the northern part of the Scar - see map below)

Attribute Point Distribution:
Strength: 12
Swordsmanship: 12
Tactics: 12

Gladiators Defense
Shield Stance
Defensive Stance
Power Attack
Sever Artery
Final Thrust
Healing Signet

The idea here is to take on as many griffons as possible, and killing them as fast as possible. The most I've been able to take on at once without dying is 6, but it's tricky. 5 should be no problem if you pay careful attention to your healthbar. I also use a sword that lengthens bleeding duration, this takes my attention away from griffons that are close to dying (say 25% of health to go), since I know that they will bleed for 30+ seconds after a single strike.

So, aggro the griffons (they are usually in packs of 3-4, but sometimes 2 packs are together). Then do Glad Defense -> Shield Stance -> Glad Defense -> Defensive Stance. This will give you 50sec of consecutive 75% blocking, and only 10sec of vulnerability before you can do another 50sec cycle. During your stances, Power attack -> sever artery -> power attack -> final thrust (even if above 50%, it will still do decent damage). In fact, the order of the attacks matters little. The point is just keep using the skills to kill them as fast as possible, all the while watching your health bar, and using the healing signet WHILE in a stance. Other damage-dealing attacks can also be used here (Galrath slash, etc), the above is just what I prefer for optimal energy cost/regen time.

The sprint is useless to get away, since the griffons are just as fast as you while sprinting. It's used here to get to the next set of griffons as fast as possible (and to wreckages), as well as to get away scarabs and devourers that occasionally come out of the sand.

Also, axe/hammer-yielding warriors will do just as good (if not better). The key point in this strategy is the blocking stances, which the griffons do not interrupt, and since they don't cast spells, your health will only drop due to direct melee attacks.

Statistics (after 1 hour):
Avg time for each run: 11 mins (I did 6 runs in just over an hour)
Total number of griffons: 120
Amount of gold dropped: 6242
Amount of gold made from item drops and sold to merchant: 2066
Total number of Iridiscent Griffon Wing drops (these weren't sold): 19
Gold Item drops: 1
Purple Item drops: 3
Blue unidentified item drops: 16

Well, at an average gold-making rate of >8k per hour, this is the best farming spot I've found (for a warrior) so far. It's not as impressive as those immortal monk builds everyone talks about, but it's still pretty damn good.

Guild Wars