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Guild Wars - Guides and Strategies
W/Me Hydra Farm Guide

This build isnt as effective as a solo monk build but its interesting. You can take on about 4-6 hydras at a time.

Heres the attribute points.
Inspiration 10
Strength 12
Sword/Axe/Hammer(w/e suites you best) 9-12
Tactics 8

any 2 high dmg attack skills
"Watch Yourself!"
Defy Pain

Endure Pain
Ether Feast
Dolyak Signet
Mantra of Flame

The skills above give you around +110 armor vs the hydras Meteor/Inferno/Fire ball and +70 armor vs physical and +500hp.

Cast order:
Use Mantra of Flame first. Run in. As soon as you see the hydra using a skill use dolyak signet and endure pain. As you are attacking use "Watch yourself" and Defy pain as much as possible. use Ether feast when u start to get around 600hp with defy pain and endure on you. continue this till they are all dead!

Hydras dont drop many gold items but they drop lots of "Precious" items. I get around 6k per run.
Have fun!

Guild Wars