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Guild Wars - Guides and Strategies
Using your general knowledge for a greater thing

This guide is all about guild wars. I'm filling it up with general knowledge. Now you probably think wtf that isn't a guide. But this guide is al about using it to achieve things without exploiting nor cheating or anything else that can make you banned for life. So its a guide using general knowledge with tricks you might even not know about.

Now don't stop reading. Where just at the start. Well to start off. I made a legend. Because there's special formatting in this guide to make sure everything is easy to read. And you know what kind of thing you are reading know.

Now we can start with the real deal. Now this guide starts with pre-sear. Than to post sear. And after that we have some other chapters that can improve you char even more with, tactics, money and friend and a even more knowledge.

Most people find pre-sear a useless place and chapter in the game. I think its a great place and not only for newbie's. Its a free ticket for easy lvling. You can do all the quests get some skills to start with. By doing the quests you can easily achieve lvl 8. And you can go charr hunting.

What most people don't know you can farm with eas in pre. And in a few hours you can leave there with 10k gold and enough dyes and materials to get nice armour and sell the rest of the materials to people. I will know explain. Some farming points in pre-sear:

The catacombs
The catacombs is full of devours, undead and spiders. They spiders are great for farming. The drop rate for dyes is extremely high. There where times i had around 4 dyes in a row.

Now they undead is perfect if you are a monk with smithing skills. They can easily kills the undead. And they always drop materials (bones) or weapons that are very weak. But you can use them for now or salvage them. Also there great for powerlvling when your lvl 3 you can get to lvl 5 in a half our or so.

The devours and gargoyles aren't useful for farming but you can always try your luck and you still get exp.

Now there's another place i like to farm and that are they hulking stones. They drop granite slabs. Which you sell for quick money.

Post-sear is the world after pre its the main world. Here will the hole story line be continued. In the start there isn't much to do. Except doing quests and mission. Now if you have done everything i told you in the pre-sear runs section. Start selling your loot here. After you have done that. You have a nice saving to continue. Get to the armour crafter. And get the armour you like best. You can use your money to get they materials. Remember to get it cheap from players not from they npc's. Okay now you have your armour. Do they first 4 missions. Don't bother doing quests. If everything has bin done right. Your now in yaks bend. Get you other armour here. And lvl up to lvl 10 - 15. I recommend getting as far as possible. How higher your level. The more change of getting into a good party. Now in this point of the game its smarter to do missions and runs till your at borlin pass. Now from here you have 2 choices
-Playing the game as it's supposed too or...
-Get a runner to drok.
I recommend the drok way. You can buy the best armour in the game there. So it will be easy. To get through missions if you have that. Also there are many traders there. So you can get a max weapon with perfect upgrades but depends on your money. That you currently have.

Now heres the trick. Henchie powerlvling. Henchies are lvl 20 @ droks. They can beat the monsters like eas if you take a full group with you. You can lvl up like never before. Including all the items that will drop you make some gold too.

They borlin pass way is like they makers a tent too. You will follow every mission. While doing this you come pass the gates of kryta mission. There are many runs for this mission. I will include 2 so you can try them.
-They first is kind of easy if you read it good. Now start the mission solo. You get 1 very good partner but that's in-game. Now when you start walk out the gate at the start point. And go immediately left. You find oink there. Now this part most people know by now. Now when your at oink spot. Talk to him. And he comes with you. Now where oink was there's a building. You can walk around it. Look closely. Now go down they hill. And there you see a hellhound. Attack it. And there will be a undead army for you to defeat. This will deliver you quite some nice exp. And its easy if you're a monk. But also as a elementist because you have oink it will block most of they monsters. And you can kill them with AoE spells. With a monk you can use a farming build which is double effective because of they holy damage.
-They second one is more difficult take oink with you. And play they mission until you come at the beach. Now follow they path where you kill all of they lighting dragons. And take all there loot. Now if you're a elementist. Use oink to block they dragons. And kill them with aoe spells. Now this will give you around they 1-2k a run. Which is nice if you come in lion arch.

When you come in lion arch. You should get the good skills for your profession there. Also its recommend you do they galrath quest. It gives you 4k exp + all they exp you get from they monsters you kill.

Now its time to move on. I recoomend you now follow the storyline. Until the point you have bin acsended.

Now its time to get your skill list growing. By now your acsended. But might not have all the skills for your primary and seccondary profession. Go to the place between borlin pass and draknors (if you dont have it, i recommend a fully explored map. You can find them almost on any fansite.)

from there asemble a group or join one. Its a hard path so make sure you have a good team(recommend are 3 tankers 2 nukers 2 monks and 1 char to your choice.). I still havent told you where you going. Your going too war camp. You will need to go through sorrow furnace. So dont try running there. It is great to kill every monster on your path for loot. You can use the money to buy the skills. And if your lvl 20 (which you should at this point.). You get exp to and if you make a lvl its a extra skill point to buy skills. If you are in warcamp. Buy around the 10 chest keys. And try to make a very good team. I recommend the same as you got to war camp.

Now you probaly think where on earth i need 10 keys for. You need them in the next few runs.

This doesnt look like they standard run. Basicly because anet has changed there chest system. But this is actually a better way you get more loot. And you also exploring the world even more. Get out of war camp and go explore sorrow. Hold alt and ctrl and look for chests and bosses. Most chests drop very good items. And the bosses drop green items. Which currently sell for uber prices. Also kill they monsters. Remember your in a high lvl place. And monsters drop items that match this area. So this run is very effective. It might take a while. But they earnings make up for that. If you do this a few times consider yourself rich!!!

Making your items more worth!
Now selling items in gw is probaly the most used way for gold. Now money is a important tool. In gw and the real world. You can pay people to do things for you and can buy things with it.

Now if you want to sell your farmed items. Now its always the objective to get the most out of your items. You can do this by more things than most people do.

The basic is identifying your items that are unidentified. You can unlock new items this way. And can see what upgrades there are on the item. To make up the price.

But when it comes to selling most people get less than they expect. I always try to learn people how to get the price that is expected and even a little more sometimes. Now to help your guys a little tin the wonderfull world of traders. Here are some tips and hints.

-Okay to get a little more or they price you have in mind. Add a littel to your price something from 10g up to 3k depending on tthe current price of that item.
-On they start on they game untill they end (which is never.) save all weapon upgrades that you cant attatch to your own weapon. If you have a max damage weapon with no upgrades or real bad ones. You can attach your bst ones. Most of they time you get more then they weapon+upgrade worth together.
-Now if you really want to master they art of a professional trader. Than look at my other guides in they submittion guide. And dont forget to give it a "yay".

Some explanations!
Now for the people new to gw or just dont know whatsomething means or why do it. I made this section. Here i give explantion and why to do it and why dont.

farming is killing alot of monsters quick for there loot. This is they most used way to get gold and items to sell or trade. Now the reason to do this. It can be a quick way to get exp and they most important gold and items. Now they negative is probaly that it can be boring because you are repeating the same thing over and over.

Now some people ask why should i solo? What do i benefit from it? Well soloing can be good and bad. It probaly depends on what your point of view is. Now soloing means doing a mission, exploring, questing etc.. all alone. No players or henchies. Soloing can be very profitable. Because you dont have to share your loot. Some people say that ain true. Because anet said drop rate depends on the team size. Well that aint mean a big differnce. Read they secret, hints and tips section of this guide to read a very good secret/exploit on how to get loot drop rates which you get when your in a group. While soloing. Now they most negative part about soloing are probaly the fact your not playing the game as it is supposed too. And somethings are really difficult to solo. Also if your all alone. You cant talk to anyone excet your guild. And if your not in a active one. It gets boring even quicker.

this a great way to make money. It can be fast and very profitable if done right. Trading means like the name says. They positive thing is can be very profitable. They negative side is probaly the fact that sometimes it is very hard to sell expensive items.

Okay now this was it for the explanation section. Lets move on to they next section.

Secrets, hints and tips!
Now this section contains some nice runs and bugs anet doesnt want you to know about. These are they things i find out while i was playing. Some of them where found through they update list and tested in they game world. Warning the things listed here can be extremely usefull.
Party loot while soloing
now a while ago anet told us in a update. That drop rates are increased how bigger the party was. Now we can use this to our advantage. Take a full as possible group of henchies with you. Except they protection and healer ones. Now make sure your in high lvl place where you could solo easily. Now let they henchies die. If there all dead. Go to the area where you gone farm that is long distance from they pplace they henchies are dead. Now beceause henchies cant leave they party. And they arent in-range to get loot. You will get there loot which is for like a party size 6 - 8.

V0.2 - Added 2 new Gate of Kryta runs and fixed some spelling. next release i will fix up some more grammer, spelling etc... I also removed the formating in the topic itself. If you liked they formatting. Than the attachment still has it
V0.1 - Guide started.

Okay here's my todo list. I will keep this uptodate. Where im currently working on.
- Getting images on they guide for they runs
- Getting the spelling and grammer fixed
- Giving it a graphical look like a prima-guide styled guide
- Adding even more content in a view of runs and exploits
- A build section
- And in the far future. I hope someone can team up with me for a complete walkthrough. With images Smile

Guide ends here

@deadlyblowfish Well thanks for they yay... And i add some of they updated stuff probaly tommorow Smile But i lot my touchscreen pencil. So its quite hard to type on my phone now... And its pretty hard to get it to a pc. Because i need to copy - paste the hole document on a e-mail on my phone mail them to somewhere. And that costsa little bit more money then most expect Smile But wait and you will see... it currently counts around they 4 pages. What i write on my job, in the metro/busses and at school :p so i quite have too many time or i make too many time Razz also in they next update 2 - 4 new runs/exploits will be added. So after all this is not like 1 submission. but actually more because of they many exploits worked into the guide Smile (wow that whas the longest reply in a hile ;P )

@all of you I dont think you guys read this closely. You guys say you dont see any exploits/runs that are good... But there are a round they 8 exploits (which i did not copied and rewrittend from another site as someone stated) And atleast 4 of them or very profitable. So i dont see why this aint good. I dont care you guys dont wane give me premium. But its like you guys dont even read this and just say nay. And i have put much effort. And not even half of my knowledge from runs and exploits about gw in this. But if you guys gone say to everything i post... No its to common etc... You guys just dont read well. There are like 2 exploits in here that requires a lot more then just commen sense and knowledge!

But you guys will see. This guide will come in handy. I just hope you seen it soon enough.

Guild Wars