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Guild Wars - Guides and Strategies

his is a basic trapper build I use in HoH and UW.
You need a R/Me

Spike Trap
Barbed Trap
Flame Trap
Dust Trap
Healing Spring (5the Trap)
Mantra of Resolve
Rez sig
QZ/FS/EW/EoE/NR (spirits)

Droknar's Forge Druid Armor
1 Superior Wilderness Survival Rune (need 16 wilderness survival.)
Any other minor runes you want.
1 Staff with +15 Energy.
1 Max damage bow with any mods.

For HoH the best build from my experience Is the "Hardball" tactic. Some prefer have 2 separate groups, but not I ^^. This is a very simple method to deal great amounts of damage quickly.All you need is, 7 trappers, or 6 and a monk, either works. Modding the build can also be very successful. At the ghosts at the beginning of Tombs, lay QZ and EW. Then when you are all ready, move together to the center of the ghosts (elementalist). Ball up together as close as you can, make sure you all have staves, and start trapping. Its quite easy to kill the ghosts in 20-30 seconds if your not stuck with a bunch of idiots. For "Underworld", in tombs not ToA, Lay all your spirits at 00:05 Then ball up on the stairs and start laying traps, Make sure you have constant Healing Spring and that FS is up at all times. This is a very simple, yet effective build, Give it a try.

This is almost the same as Tombs, though you will be pulling your enemies into your traps rather than balling up and waiting for them. For this you need either 3-4 trappers and a monk, or just 4 trappers. Do Not take the quest when you enter UW. Lay QZ and EW, then start trapping the stairs. The closer your traps are to each other, the more effective they will be. Once you are done trapping, Pull your enemy(s) into the traps, They will die quickly.You do not need mantra of resolve for this, but it CAN be useful. Im not going to explain the whole run in UW, because if you want to do this, you should have a decent amount of experience in UW.

Hope you all enjoy this ^_^.

Guild Wars