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Guild Wars - Guides and Strategies
The Red-Cloaked Deserter

Pre-Quest Strategy
For this quest, you will be facing groups of 3-4 level 4-5 Grawl including healers, as well as a group of four level 6 Charr at the very end. I would suggest being at least level 8 with upgraded armor and a good weapon to try to attempt this alone. If you fit this description, I still recommend bringing along at least Alesia, the healer henchman. Lower level characters should bring along larger groups of other characters/henchmen.

Starting the Quest
This quest starts with Farrah Cappo in Piken Square.

She asks you to seek out Little Thom and deliver him a message. The reward for doing so is several items, and, most of all, 1000 experience.

Doing the Quest
Step A. Make your way to Reagent Valley by doing the following:
1- Travel To Sardelac Sanitarium.
2- Travel Southeast according to this map:

3 - If you follow the steps correctly, you should find yourself at Little Thom's Corpse.

Step B. Click on Little Thom's Corpse. You should recieve a quest update to return to Farrah Cappo for your reward!

Step C. Travel back to Piken Square. Now it's time to get your reward!

Get the Reward!
Return to Farrah Cappo within Piken Square to get your much deserved reward!

Happy Hunting!

Guild Wars