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Guild Wars - Guides and Strategies
The Perfect Runner

A lot of the information found on this site is related to running to certain areas, for chest runs mainly. What follows is what I have found to be the perfect build for these types of runs.


12 Expertise (modified to 15)
6 Tactics
10 Wilderness Survival (modified to 11)

This R/W build is designed specifically for running almost 100% of the time with little to no trouble. Alot of people ask how this is superior to the typical W/Mo runner and the answer lies in the Ranger primary attribute Expertise. Not only does it reduce running energy costs to nearly zilch, but there are several skills that are in the Expertise line which are extremely helpful to running, and evading. With the nearly constant ability to run (only a few seconds of downtime every minute or so) this build is perfect for the typical chest or gold run. But it is also an awesome build for running from place to place.

However, using this build in this manner also requires you to think while you are running. If used correctly, this build can run through just about any area in the game, with the exception of a few areas around the Shiverpeaks, as this build is not immune at all to any type of water magic slow spells. Once you are slowed... you are dead. The only hope for these types of situations is to use Troll Unguent and hope you make it through.

But the other benefit of the Ranger build is the ability to completely evade attacks while running through mobs of baddies. If you are coming up on a group of ranged attackers, hit dodge, granting you evade from arrows. Or, if you know you are going to be slowed, use lightning reflexes or whirling defense and walk through, you will evade so much of the things that will normally drop you in a heartbeat. When you get through mobs, you can take a rest and use Troll Unguent and Healing Signet to repair any damage taken. If there is an incredibly large group of monsters that attack, such as trolls or giants or anything of the like, you can use escape to run through, granting evasion and speed.

Simply cycle through Escape, Storm Chaser, Sprint, and Dodge to give you almost 100% faster run all the time. Great for chest runs and running through lower areas.
Ice Dodge
Very good for areas where you know you are going to be slowed by monsters because of water hexes. Use lightning reflexes and walk into the group. Once you get hit by the water spells, wait for them to wear off (use whirling defense if lightning reflexes wears off). As soon as they wear off, hit escape and bolt out of there.
Pin Up
If you know you are going to be passing through an area where archers will be using Pin Down to slow you, you can use similar strategies to the ones above, or you can instead rush into the group using Dodge, hoping that they will not hit you with Pin Down. If they should happen to hit you, and there are lots of other baddies in the area, follow the same strategies as above. This also works for any monsters that use crippling attacks.
Standing Tall
If you are passing through an area where monsters use a lot of knockdown attacks (Hydras with meteor and Wurms come to mind) run through using Balanced Stance. As soon as they use the skills that would knock you down, hit Escape right away and bolt out of there. If you are passing through a group of Hydras, wait till you get hit with a bunch of Meteors and then run away.

You will want to have the best armor possible, and usually drakescale or fur armor depending on what kind of area you are in. The majority of monsters in the game either deal cold or fire damage. Physical damage is not supposed to be an issue as you will evade almost all attacks, so the Ranger's 70 base armor on each piece is not significant.

You will definately need a hunter's mask granting you +1 to expertise. This mask can be bought in Droknar's Forge or obtained from the collector in Amnoon Oasis for 5 Bleached Shells (which are a pain in the elven arse to get).

As far as runes go, with the advent of the new Rune Traders, expenses are minimal. You only need a Major Expertise rune and a Minor Wilderness Survival rune, setting you back probably less than 600 gold.

Weapon and Shield may be something harder to come by. You would basically want any one handed weapon that would grant you a bonus to health, and of course something that looks cool. A sword with a +20hp or better pommel, hilts don't matter, and a shield that has the highest amount of armor with either no requirements, or a tactics requirement lower than what you have. Mods on the shield would be best as something like +hp while in a stance, as almost everything on your bar is a stance.

1. Escape (Attrib: Expertise)
For 5..15 seconds, you move 25% faster than normal and have a 75% chance to evade attacks. This is an elite skill.
2. Storm Chaser (Attrib: Wilderness Survival)
For 8..18 seconds, you move 25% faster, and you gain 1-4 energy whenever you take elemental damage.
3. Sprint (Attrib: Strength)
For 8..13 seconds, you move 25% faster.
4. Dodge (Attrib: Expertise)
For 5 seconds, you move 33% faster than normal and have a 27..65% chance to evade incoming arrows. Dodge ends if you attack.


Balanced Stance (Attrib: Tactics)
For 8..18 seconds, you cannot be knocked down and you do not suffer extra damage from a critical attack.
5. Troll Unguent (Attrib: Wilderness Survival)
For 10 seconds, you gain health regeneration +3..9.
6. Healing Signet (Attrib: Tactics)
You gain 40..130 health. You have -40 armor while using this skill.


Antidote Signet (Attrib: None)
Cleanse yourself of poison, disease and blindness.
7. Lightning Reflexes (Attrib: Expertise)
For 5..10 seconds, you have a 75% chance to evade melee and arrow attacks, and you attack 33% faster.
8. Whirling Defense (Attrib: Expertise)
For 8..18 seconds, you have 75% chance to block attacks. Whenever you block an arrow this way, adjacent foes take 5..10 piercing damage.

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