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Guild Wars - Guides and Strategies
The 55 Doppleganger

- Monk / Mesmer ( with 5 Sup. Monk runes )

Weapon Set:
- Fiery Flame Spitter of Enchanting ( 19% )
- 55 Grim Cesta item

Tip: Any melee weapon will work, enchanting mod is a big help also.

- Protective Spirit - Reduce Damage Intake
- Illusionary Weaponry - Do lots of damage without having high damage output.
- Blessed Signet - Quick energy regain
- Mending - Gain constant health

- Once you enter the area quickly apply Protective Spirit.
- Once Prot. Spirit is on apply Mending.
- Run into melee range of the mirror.
- Apply Illusionary Weaponry and Attack the mirror.
- Kill the mirror.

- Used blessed signet as need for quick energy.
- Keep an eye on your prot spirit, reapply as needed.

Enjoy !

Guild Wars