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Guild Wars - Guides and Strategies
Successful Warrior/Monk Farm Build

Among the few ways to make money, farming stands out the most. Almost every single game has a way to farm, and Guild Wars is no exception. Besides buying low and selling high, farming is the only way to make a good amount of cash, aside from finding that perfect 10% Furious Chaos Axe of Fortitude +30 15^50% in Fissure of Woe. The one thing that stands out about this game, is that each zone outside of outposts/towns are instanced. That's right, you own the zone. All the monsters are yours to kill, all loot is yours (aside from groups). You can repeatedly enter a zone, kill a big mob, take the loot, and travel back to town. Of course, loot diminishes now, but you can still make a good fortune from a few runs.
This build is strictly for farming large groups of non-casting monsters. You won't get enough energy from let's say, 3 or 4 monsters. Large groups of 12+, which is what you're aiming for, give enough adrenaline per hit from Cyclone Axe, and enough constant energy from Bonetti's Defense, for a consistant battle. Once you start killing large groups of high level enemys by yourself, you will start to feel an ego boost. Keep in mind these mobs don't cast, making very simple counters.
Now, the build :

For this build, you need mana. Gladiator's fits this purpose perfectly. For Balthazar's Aura, you need at least 25 mana. Every part of the set except for the helm, give you 27 mana. You should use an Ascalon Helm for the head slot, as it reduces damage globally, and provides Tactics.
Your attributes should consist of a balance between Healing Prayers, Axe Mastery, Smiting Prayers, and Tactics. Unmodded, 8 in Healing Prayers, 10 in Smiting Prayers, 7 in Tactics, and 8 in Axe Mastery. If you have done the 2 extra attribute quests, you can put the points into Smiting to shorten battles, and increase damage.
The runes you will be using as as follows: Minor Tactics Minor Axe Mastery Absorbtion of any kind Vigor of any kind

Your weapon can be anything really. Vampiric, Furious, Sundering, Fortitude, Defense, all good choices. Try to keep it in your Axe Mastery requirement range (8-9 for a max axe).
Your shield should have mods for enchanting, I use a collectors -2 +45 while enchanted Crimson Carapace Shield. Since the patch, I'm not sure if there is still a collector for this shield anymore, I know they nerfed the -2 +45 while in a stance outside of Rankor.

Here it is, the main focus of the build. Your spell line should consist of the following:
Cyclone Axe
Bonetti's Defense
Healing Breeze
Vigorous Spirit
Shield of Judgement
Balthazars Aura
Live Vicariously
You can adjust this line to your prefences. Shield of Judgement and Healing Breeze can be switched out for other spells. Try to keep around the main focus of the build.
The sequence in battle is very simple. Before going anywhere, cast Mending. Wait until your mana gets to above 20, then cast Live Vicariously. This will give you enough to cast Vigorous Spirit and Cyclone Axe, which you will do when you've gotten your giant mob. After the Cyclone Axe, go into Bonetti's. When Cyclone is 3/4th's charged, you should have full energy. Cast Balthazars Aura at that point, and go straight into Cyclone Axe. Bonetti's again, only this time casting Shield Of Judgement at the 3/4th marker. Repeat, use your Healing Breeze, and the final time, Cyclone-Bonetti's-Aura. Congratulations, your mob should be dead. Don't worry if you screw up a few times, it takes practice.
Where to hunt, that is the question. Prophet's Path, a well known farm spot outside of Augury Rock, contains loads of Griffons and Minotaurs, and the loot can be just mad. I've found tons of golds here, even more purples, and I won't even comment on the blues, regulars, and Wings/Horns/Hides. Be warned of the Rockshot Devourers and their Distracting Shots, but SoJ will take care of them.
Another spot, is outside of Droknar's Forge, Talus Chute. There should be 2 paths, follow the left one, avoiding all the enemies. You should reach a cave filled with level 24 Mountain Trolls. Round all the trolls in the cave up into a big group, and do your thing.
NOTE : One thing you may notice is your Cyclone Axe being disrupted after Healing Breeze. 1 way you can counter this is going into Bonetti's, but instead of Healing Breeze, cast Cyclone Axe.

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