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Guild Wars - Guides and Strategies
Rune Farming

Need to unlock that Superior Absorbtion Rune?
Don't want to shell out 50k to get a Sup. Vigor?
Tired of needing a W/Mo to farm/solo anything?

Here's how to get your runes:
Step 1: Load in Beetletun. Leave going east across Nebo terrace. Ettins here are spotty on rune drops, so kill if you want. Sprint on past all the mobs here to the portal to N. Kryta.
Step 2: Sprint through ascalon settlement and fight the ettins there. Work southeast and go down the little valley and up again. You should see the sign pointing north labelled "Giant's Basin." Head north again at this point making a U shape back toward the beach. Head east along the grassy cliffs to find the last batch of ettins.
Step 3: pop through the portal to Scoundrel's.
Step 4: pop back to N kryta
Step 5: Follow the prior route in reverse, and run out through Ascalon Settlement to the exit to Nebo.
Step 6: go back through to N Kryta again
Step 7: repeat until inventory is full of runes

A few pointers:
Eles- bring fireball, volcano, and ERUPTION -it blinds for 10 secs, so the ettins won't hit you, use it often, put no skill points into earth.
Me- Why did you go mesmer? I have not done enough mesmer to know what to do here
Monk- Balth aura, symbol of wrath, and staying alive is good to, so a heal never hurts
W- cyclone axe, endure, sprint, and dmg skills.
Rangers- traps
Necro- read a necro guide, there are plenty out there, I don't know enough about this

1. Any well equipped lvl 20 char should be able to kill ettins quickly, but the faster the better. My AOE attacks do enough damage that I just power through their healing signets. Others (Rangers) may want to bring interupts.
2. You should be tough enough to ignore any tengu, mergoyles, skale or imps that get in the way. Just sprint away from them, .
3. Do NOT fight ettins and any other monster simultaneously. Mergoyles and skales can really mess you up if you actually fight near them.
4. I like to salvage all the NON rune pauldrons on the spot to save inventory space. I just let the humps and hides pile up and I dont pick up any other white loot. Wastes space for runes.
5. Have patience. There can be as many as 18 or as few as 6 ettins on the map. It can take up to 8 passes to fill up on runes.

Because we're hitting 3 areas, we never trigger the anti-farm code. At least I think. But I get just as many gold runes on later passes as early ones. I got a Sup. Vigor on my first run of this. Sup absorb came on the 8th

Guild Wars