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Guild Wars - Guides and Strategies
Quick and easy Cash run

Ok after reading on here about the Ember Light Camp chest run, and finding it hard, i have found a better run!

Firstly i would advise you have some skill which allows u to run faster (but it isnt definately needed), my preferance was sprint being a warrior. Go to Port Sledge, then on exiting it into witmans folly. Take the first right, and follow it round a small ice pond on the left, you may encounter one or two groups of Grawl but run past then they will not chase you. Then once u get a chance turn right again, follow this path, you should encounter azure shadows, but they will not cause much harm. around this area there will be a chest with 75-250G in, then follow the road to the right again trying to dodge the azure shadows, there should b another chest with 100-250G. then go back to the port and start again!

Guild Wars