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Guild Wars - Guides and Strategies
Pre-Searing Farm Guide

Chapter 1: Introduction

Welcome to the Ultimate Pre-Searing Guide! Here, you will learn the best way to..
-Get experiance and level up
-Get money and items
-Learn how to use different builds
-Have fun!

What you do is, farm River Skale and Skale Broodcallers. With the method I have devised, this can easily be done. The rewards for this are great, and it is easy and fun to do! All you need is this...

Chapter 2: Requirements

I am sure by now, you are wondering: "What must I do to achieve this greatness?" Wonder no more.
-Be able to access Fort Ranik.
-Have a method of healing yourself

-Having all the collector's armor.
-Be under level 7.
-Having Gwen heal you. (By giving her a "Red Iris Flower", and letting her follow you.)
-Having a skill that deals area damage.

Chapter 3: Character
By now, I am sure you are curious to what kind of character you need to be able to do this. Well, here is the answer: It does not matter! Almost any character, can do this run, with any common sense. Just make sure you are able to heal yourself, and that you are at least level 4.

Chapter 4: Let's Begin!

Ok. Are you ready!? The time has now come, to achieve fame and fortune without even breaking a sweat! Alright, I'll break it down for ya'.

[Step 1]Take the south exit out of Fort Ranik.

[Step 2]Get ready to follow this path.

Once you reach this area, climb down the hill and let the River Skales overtake you.
[Step 3]Now that you have aggrovated your victim's, take them back to your lair.

[Step 4]Back track your steps, back to the "Academy Monk".

[Step 5]You see that tree near the "Academy Monk"? Once you have taken a step past the tree, the "Academy Monk" will heal you constantly, making you invincible!

[Step 6]Now, you want to turn around and fight! Take them out! Now that they are all clustered together, and you are invincible, this would be a good time to use any area attack skills you have!

[Step 7]Once you have wiped the battlefield clean, take your spoils! For the record, my major finds have been...

-1 Black dye
-1 Yellow Dye
-1 Silver Dye
-Tons of blue items

Chapter 5: Is it over?

Is that the end of this periolous adreniline pumping journey!? I think not! Now that you have dominated the battlefield, it is time to go collect some hefty stashes.

[Step 1]Go straight, towards a circle of large stone wall things...

[Step 2]Keep on heading forward, untill you reach a very large hill.

Now, you have an extra option. If you are mainly in this for the experiance, then I suggest whipping out a bow, and attacking anyone around you see. Since you are up so high on the hill, you will deal massive damage.

[Step 3]Now, turn back up the hill after that little venture, and hold down the [ALT] key. Now you will see a large hill that you cannot walk on. Walk a circle around it, starting from the left, while still holding the [ALT] key. You will see at least one or maybe two Hidden stashes. These contain items that are commonly blue. Sometimes you will have a hard time finding a chest, and maybe it wont be there.

Boo hoo. But you should at least get one per run.

Enjoy! You have just finished your "Ultimate Pre-Sear" farm run! Now, just rinse and repeat, and you shall be living the high life in no time!

Chapter 6: Experiance Counter

Since this is such a good, quick easy way to level up and get experiance FAST, I decided to throw this in. It shows how much experiance you will get from a Level 2 Skale Broodcaller, according to your level.

[Level 4]64 Exp.
[Level 5]48 Exp.
[Level 6]32 Exp.
[Level 7]16 Exp.

Chapter 7: Builds

Ranger/Temp. Necromancer
Level 4-5

-Power Shot
-Troll Ungent
-Resurrection Signet
-Life Siphon
-Deathly Swarm Area attack
-Animate Bone Horror
-Charm Animal
-Comfort Animal

What to do:
On your way back to the monk, you need to be patient and go slow. Doing this makes sure that you dont lose half of your victims. What you do is run untill your mob reaches the end of the aggrovation bubble. Once there you wait untill they attack and//or catch up to you again. Your option here is to cast Troll Unget often to keep yourself alive.

Now, once you have reached the monk, you stand next to her. You whip out a bow, and you select a target. First, I would use Deathly Swarm. After the first target is dead, I would use Animate Bone Horror. The positve of this skill is that it makes all the enemies attack it, and not you. And, it will pretty much be invincible since the Monk heals it. So, you pretty much rinse and repeat.

Ranger/Temp. Elementalist
Level 5-7

-Power Shot
-Troll Ungent
-Resurrection Signet
-Fire Storm Area attack
-Aura of Restoration
-Glyph of Lesser Energy
-Charm Animal
-Comfort Animal

What to do:
For aggrovating, use the same tactics.

Once you have reached the monk, your first spell is Glyph of Lesser energy. Now, select a target that is smack in the middle of your mob. Cast Fire Storm on him. Now, you can go around picking out level 2 targets and hitting them with Power Shot. You should kill all but 3 or 4 from Fire storm. Now you can choose to either snipe them out or just wait for Fire Storm again.

Chapter 8: Extra Screens

When you are looking for chests, look inside this circle. This is mainly where they are located.

Guide made by Elliott James
We have this guide from Jack Maller, big thx to him!

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