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Guild Wars - Guides and Strategies
New UW Build

well, as we know, the uw has been pretty much nerfed when it comes to solo monks, so we were trying to figure out a way to solo it better. tell me what you think as to how effective this is, originally we used shield of judgement, but the nightmares kept rending it faster than we killed it

Balthazars Aura
Balthazars Spirit
Blessed Aura
Bonnetti's Defence
Healing Breeze
Protective Spirit
Symbol of Wrath

Healing - 9 (6 +3)
Smiting - 16 (12 + 3 + 1)
Protection -10 (7 + 3)
Divine Favor - 12 (9 + 3)

The weapons are the necro focus item, and the smiting rod that recharges smiting skills 20% faster 20%

How it works
At the start you cast Blessed Aura, which lets your enchants last 30% longer at 12 divine. follow up with balthazars spirit which lets you gain energy and adrenaline after each hit.

go over to the stairs and cast protective spirit, healing breeze, then spellbreaker, search around for a lil bit to find the dying nightmare and proced to kill it since it cant get rid of your enchants. Next let the aatxes hit you a few more times and redo your prot spirit and breeze, then proceed to use symbol of wrath. wait about 5 - 10 seconds while bouncing between bonetti's and prot / breeze, then cast balthazars spirit.

then just rinse and repeat. takes longer than the original builds, but is successful

Guild Wars