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Guild Wars - Guides and Strategies
Mid-Level Monk Solo

Note: You must have been to Droknar's Forge, as well as Ice Tooth Cave (which is on the way to Droknar's. Many of the skills required from this guide are learned from the skill trainer at Droknar's. It is often easy to find a run to Droknar's from Beacon's Perch for 1-2k. I did this as a monk/warrior, but only used one warrior skill. I believe it is completely realistic to do this with any subclass with some innovation, as long as you are a monk primary.


First equip your skill bar with the following 7 skills. The eighth slot isn't necessary for this technique. The other icon I have up is Guardian, which I do not use for this technique.

1. Defensive Stance: 5 Energy, gives armor bonus, and short term +75% chance to block incoming attacks.
2. (Ignore the Second Skill)
3. Orison of Healing: 5 Energy, heals for a small amount.
4. Healing Breeze: 10 Energy, gives additional health regeneration.
5. Balthazar's Aura: 25 Energy, does set damage every second for 10 seconds to all adjacent mobs.
6. Symbol of Wrath: 5 Energy, does set damage every second for 5 seconds to all adjacent mobs.
7. Healing Touch: 5 Energy, heals for a small amount. More effective than Orison with higher levels of divine favor.
8. Zealot's Fire: 10 Energy, 60 second enchantment that deals set amount of damage to all adjacent mobs each time a spell is cast on you (even by yourself).

ALSO: MAKE SURE YOU HAVE AT LEAST 5 INTO HEALING PRAYERS, the rest dumped into smiting and a bit into divine favor.

To execute this technique, go to Ice Tooth Cave. Step out, hit your Zealot's Fire key, and continue running out. You will see a pack of two to three enemies moving rapidly on your screen. Move to intercept them with your agro circle.

Now, here comes the important part. Start casting Symbol of Wrath as they approach you so that it will fire off as they surround you. Immediately then cast Balthazar's Aura, followed by Healing Breeze. After healing breeze has taken, use defensive stance. Watch until the icon in your buff/debuff area at the top left part of the screen starts to blink for defensive stance, and cast Orison of Healing. Continue by casting Healing Touch and Orison of Healing until the mobs surrounding you die.

Now What?
Continue to fight the groups of werewolves beyond, if you are able to handle killing them (the groups are larger, though). You can also just zone back into Ice Tooth and zone out again for a fresh set of the mobs you just killed, although doing this rapidly does decrease loot (but not exp!).

How it works:
Zealot's Fire damages everything around you evertime you cast balthazar's, when you heal yourself, when you do basically anything to yourself. Symbol of Wrath and Balthazar's grind the mobsd down while you sit regenning from healing breeze and have defensive stance up, and then the mobs are finished off by zealot's fire when you basically use heal after heal on yourself.

Good luck, I have taken groups of up to 6 werewolves with this technique, although I have Droknor's Armor. Without it, you can handle groups of at least three. Good hunting!

Guild Wars