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Guild Wars - Guides and Strategies
Gold farming in Gates of Kryta

Heres a nice spot to farm for gold as well as getting the occasional minor rune or weapon upgrade.

What you can expect from farming this spot:
400-500 gold per run
a minor rune every or weapon upgrade every so often
A bottle of random dye about once every 2-3 runs

In my last 5 runs i got:
2200 gold from cash drops and junk
a zealous sword hilt
warrior rune of minor strength (428 gold)
blue dye (224 gold)
red dye (260 gold)

With the right skills and practice at doing it, you can run in, kill all the undead and then be back at the merchant selling your loot within 4 minutes. You can turn over 6 platinum an hour if you stick at it.

You will need aoe spells since you are going to be killing lots of level 12-16 mobs at the same time. All the mobs are undead so monk aoe's are the most effective. The toughest mobs that you will be fighting are hellhounds, and they take over double damage from fire so elementalist aoes should be fine as well. Having top end armour from droknar's forge helps a lot as well as any sort of protection from melee attacks that will either make them miss you or lessen their damage.

The Map

As soon as you enter the mission start running south. Go east around the fence towards oink and click on him to get him to follow you. Head around behind the next fence and then go behind the house. Now you should see a ramp heading down to the south with a lonely hellhound at the bottom, but this is supposed to be a trap.

Oink is the ultimate tanking pig

If you go close to the hound, 3 grasping ghouls will pop up out of the ground and attack you with the hound. As soon as the hellhound or all 3 ghouls die, a whole heap of ghouls and hellhounds will spawn nearby and charge over to attack you. What you want to do is agro the hound and then run back up the ramp a bit. Now as long as you position properly Oink should block the ghouls and the hound and start attacking them. The good news is Oink doesn't get attacked by mobs so hes a permanent mob roadblock. Now whip out some aoes and kill the hound and the ghouls. As soon as they die, the rest of the mobs start spawning and should run to the bottom of the ramp so make sure you back up the ramp some more.

At least some of the newly spawned mobs will run to oink, depending on where he is positioned, sometimes you will get all of them at once. You should now expect mobs to start leaking around the side of oink and reaching you since he can only block so many so fire up some protection spells and aoe them down as fast as you can. There will also be 3 undead warlocks down the bottom of the ramp, if you retreated up the ramp properly they wont agro you. They can be a problem since they can cast death nova on mobs that your beating up as well as summoning minions from the corpses but if you back up the ramp enough they shouldn't join in.

Its a lot of undead, but anti melee spells and shields work nicely

Now you should expect to get swamped and die on your first attempts since there is a massive amount of undead but with the right skills you can usually find a way to kill at least some of them and get some easy loot.

If you are level 20 and ascended I suggest you subclass to monk and grab the skills balthazar's aura, zealot's fire, symbol of wrath, shielding hands, orison of healing, touch of healing and balthazar's spirit. You don't need all of these skills they make farming this spot VERY easy. Balthazar's spirit will give you 1 energy whenever a mob attacks you, and with 8 mobs attacking you it makes for some serious energy regeneration. Zealot's fire will hit all mobs next to you with fire damage whenever you cast, so load it up and then spam heals on yourself. Balthazar's aura is energy expensive but will turn you into an anti undead bomb for 10 seconds and kill them incredibly quickly.

Once you get used to the spot, have hit level 20 and especially if you are using monk smiting skills to kill them you should be able to leave oink behind and charge down into all of the undead at once for quick, easy cash.

Happy hunting.

Guild Wars