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Guild Wars - Guides and Strategies
Finish Gates of Kryta in a couple minutes

Well, this is a simple trick that can be done solo or in a group. First thing, you do when you enter the mission is go to the left right before the first group of undead attacks the villagers. There should be a pig called "Oink" (needed for bonus) But, Oink also happens to be invincible. Grab him and head towards the back of the little shed in the same area. You will see a path leading down. Head down the path, but be cautious. As soon as you aggro the Undead hound. Tons of other undead spawn. This is easy to solo with a smite monk or w/mo. Once everything is dead you can continue. You will Notice there is a gate of sorts with a big tree in the center of it. If you stand infront of this tree, hold ctr and double click on a mob on the other side, you will go right through the tree. This is verry useful because this just happens to be the end of the mission. Swing around the corner to the Left, Kill the boss, and you're off to Lions Arch. Easy as that.

Guild Wars