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Guild Wars - Guides and Strategies
Farming Griffons and Minotaur

This build is also known as the immortal Monk build.

This is for a MO/WA

Skills Needed
Protective Bond
Essence Bond
Balthazars Spirit
Bonettis Defense
Healing Breeze
Symbol of Wrath
Balthazars Aura

Attribute Rank
Healing Prayers 6
Smiting Prayers 10
Protection Prayers 11
Divine Favor 4
Tactics 5

Superior Smiting Prayers
Superior Protection Prayers
Superior Healing Prayers
Superior Divine Favor
Superior Smiting Prayers(or the cheapest superior rune you can get. This will be a duplicate rune)

How it all works
First, let me just explain how this crazy build works. Once you have all 5 superior runes on your armor, you will have 105 health. So we need to bring our DP up to 15%. So go to augury rock and take the southern portal out. Run out to the devourer and let him kill you. This will bring your health down to 33. Once you respawn at the shrine, immediately cast Protective Bond and Mending. Once your energy gets about 30, cast balthazars spirit and Essence bond. You should now have at least 10 energy and no energy regen. Now run out to the left and agro all minotaur and griffons. You will notice that you can no longer be hit for more than 1 dmg and you get 3 health regen. This will keep you alive. Once you have agro'd all the creatures as you can(try to lose the devourers) stop and cast healing breeze. Immediately cast bonettis defense (this will refill your energy bar really quick). Then cast the damage dealing spells. Make sure that you keep healing breeze going, you have to time it. Practice this. I get about 2k per run and average about 2-5 gold or purple items.

Guild Wars