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Guild Wars - Guides and Strategies
Easy Fur Square Acquisition

Having a hard time finding your Fur Squares for things like armor crafting? Curious why everyone around you seemingly is looking to buy Charr Hides? Here's Why:

4 Charr Hides = 1 Fur Square

In Ascalon City, there is a Collector named Calissa Sedgwick, who stands near the Dye/Material traders who will exchange 4 Charr Hides for 1 Fur Square.

Now that you know this, how can you get lots of Charr Hides? Travel to Piken Square and walk outside and start destroying the local charr population. If you are a Warrior you may be able to do this solo as soon as level 8 (conservative estimate), other classes may need the company of a few henchmen. I went outside and killed three Charr and got one hide. I would guess the hide droprate is about 1/6.

Fur Squares tend to sell for about 300 gold on the American servers, and doing a run killing the Charr from Piken to the entrance to Diessa Lowlands yields 4-8 hides commonly. This means you can earn, with a level 8 character 600 gold in about 15 minutes time, while gaining experience!.

Not bad for a bunch of ugly dogs.

You don't want to sell them? Fine then, Fur Squares are often used in armor crafting, most notably in the Warrior armor crafting, for the Ascalon series of armor.

What if I'm Lazy?
If you don't want to go out and farm the hides, yet you don't want to drop 300+ gold per fur square, you can also buy hides from other players. Many people offer and are willing to sell hides for 50 or less gold. At anything less than 75g per hide, you're saving money rather than paying 300 per Fur Square. Keep this in mind, too, if you're looking to pick up a little profit. As always, markets fluctuate, and fur squares may be worth more or less than 300 depending on the current supply and demand for these precious materials.

The End

Yep, that's all. Good luck!

Guild Wars