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Guild Wars - Guides and Strategies
Creating A Healer

1. You're the healer and are the most important person in the group. If you're group is out-leveled or our-numbered you even the odds. Any important thing must be guarded. In otherwards your party must protect you if you're attacked( especially in GvG ), but just in cas always bring some protection spells.
2. You're their solely to keep you party alive. If you're attacking then you're smiting, and you're not a smiter. Remember you are a healing monk.
3. Some who is not down to their hit-point is just as effective as someone who has all their hit-points. Losing hit-points doesn't mas someone less effective, it makes them closer to being ineffective.

A Build:
First before making your build you have to know what a build is. A build is something that is made for one purpose and buff up a 3 or 4 specific attributes, basic builds are nukers, healers, protecter, tanks, interrupters, trappers, and runners(money-makers). Builds can get in-depth or combined like a:
sniper- bow-attackers that specify in attacking from a long distance, and each attack is powerful
speed-attacker - attackers that don't have to atack powerfully, but quickly deals dmg over-time, and can dodge, block, and evade swiftly
pyro-tank - a tank that also nuke with fire spells.

Your Build:
You wanna be healer so naturally you'll buff up you you're "Healing Prayers" skill, but any person with half a brain will also work on Divine Favor skill and if you don't let me explain why. Divine favor heals +3 for ever point you put into it whenever you cast any monk spell on an ally(it DOESN'T have to be a healing spell, it can be ANY spell). As for equipment, go with Judges armor, a focus item that gives you armor against physical attacks, and use a max rod that has a max Warding upgrade(Armor+7 vs physical) and a max enchanting(Enchantments last 20% longer) upgrade. Also, try to get your hands on a Superior Healing Rune, a Superior Divine Favor Rune, and a Superior Vigor Rune( these all expensive and hard to find so I suggest farmng in UW, FOW, Ember Light Camp, or Crystal Desert).

Developing Your Healing Experience:
You got you build, now it's time to use it. Now, what's the won place that you can mess up as much as you want and it doesn't mess up your progress in the game? That's right!! A PVP ARENA!!! This is where I developed most of my experience in a PVP arena. I'm a godly healer now, this is how good I am - I had like 2 War, and a Necro on my team, and my team had 3 Wars(2 had Drok armor which was an advantage cuz it was in Shiverpeak Arena), I kept my team alive for like 3 mins, but they still got all my teammates, and it was just me so I rezzed 1 War, he rezzed another, and I rezzed the necro. We came back and fucked their team up.
Now what you should do is bring with you 2 skills( I prefer Infuse Health because of the big healing with no cast time, and Orison of Healing for the same reason.). Make sure your skill DON"T take much time to cast so you won't be interrupted or killed while you cast the spell. Now Infuse Health is not only a good healing skill, but also a good trainer because it teaches you not to heal when you don't need to because if you do you'll die. Any other skill is good as long as it casts quickly.
Now lets say you lost, ask yourself why. Where you spike with hexes? Where you poisoned or bleeding to death? Where you spammed with damage from Warriors? Or where you interrupted? Let say all these things happened, if you don't want to be bothered with hexes bring skills to interrupt these like "Remove Hex". If you were killed because of a condition bring "Purge Conditions". If you were killed by a bunch of Warriors bring protection skills(which of course means "Protection Prayers" must be a priority too), and if you kept on being interrupted then you should have listened to the last paragraph. One more thing, ALWAYS have a rez skill!!!

When Do I Heal & Why:
If someone with 400/400 health is doing 30 dmg to somebody, and after a few seconds their down to 90/400, they're still doin 30 dmg. What I'm sayin is just cuz someone's health bar isn't full doesn't mean you have to heal him. Keepin everyone's health bar full makes any monk look good in PvE, but in PvP it just wastes energy and before you know it you'll have 0 energy. When you're a Monk you must think differently than any other proffession. You must look at Health as secondary armor to protect that one last hit point. The only time you need to heal someone is if they're taking dmg, or if their last hit point is in danger of being taken in the next 2 or 3 hits.

This is a very good guide, but remember ever rule has exceptions. This is just something you can read and use to build your healer for some people who were having problem with their monk. Just look around sometimes on other GW sites to help build you're healer. Experiment a little and always look at your mistakes and do something to prevent them.

Guild Wars